Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend Fun

This weekend was more of a low-key weekend around the Lee household. Casey and I had our ultrasound Friday to get a better glimpse of Baby Lee. We stayed strong and chose not to find out the sex of the baby even though my gut keeps saying boy. The ultrasound technician kept laughing the whole time saying she was having a hard time getting measurements because our sweet little baby kept moving around. She said this has to be one of the most active babies she has ever seen and at this rate we are going to have our hands full. Casey and I just looked at each other thinking, we already have a very active two year old so who knows what to expect come July. I am still hoping for a little snuggler at the end of the day but we shall see.

Ashton had been invited to a Birthday party at Pump-It-Up which he had an absolute blast at. He managed to leave there with bright red cheeks and a big smile on his face after two hours of bouncing, jumping and running around. It reminded me when I was a kid and how red my cheeks would get after playing soccer or volleyball. Ashton the managed to help his Daddy with some planting and then to help Mommy in the kitchen where he loves to cook up a storm. His new obsession is putting anything and everything he can find in the lower oven...oatmeal, playdough, wedding announcements, name it, he finds a way to cook it. We ended the weekend with a good snuggle session after his bath on Sunday night.