Sunday, March 28, 2010

One step forward, two steps back

Last weekend we one of those "firsts" that every parent looks forward too....Ashton used the potty! Now, while he hasn't repeated the event, I am excited to know he does know how to do it and hope that maybe it will happen again soon. After taking that big step forward, this weekend we started to prepare a little for the upcoming arrival of Baby Lee. A family friend made the bedding which turned out better than I could have imagined and I was so excited to see it in the crib. (I promise I will post pictures later) My wonderful husband took apart the bed that was in the baby's room and assembled the crib. We had two pieces of furniture painted a few weeks ago so I am starting to feel like the room is slowly coming together. When Casey was putting a few things in the attic he went ahead and got some baby stuff down including the swing. Ashton helped me to wash the swing seat and to disinfect the rest of it. Now that the crib and swing were back together what does Ashton want to do? Sit in the crib and then not want to get out. Once I coax him out of that bed I went and started a load of laundry....when I come out, what do I find? My two year old sitting in the swing with a huge grin on his face. First the crib and then the swing? Casey and I tried to tell Ashton that he didn't like either of those when he was a baby! Oh well, we had heard this may happen so I guess it is better to have it happen now than when there is someone actually needing to use those things in the future. (Pictures to come soon!)