Sunday, June 23, 2013

She's TuTu Cute and turning three...

We celebrated Reese's 3rd Birthday this year with a princess/tutu girls Birthday party.  Since all three kiddos in our family have summer birthdays within weeks of each other it is hard to make sure everyone gets their own special time/day/party.  For the past two years I have done a combination Birthday party for Ashton and Reese, and let's face it, the parties have mostly been geared towards Ashton's interests.  This year, I went nuts, and decided that each child will have their own party....and party season has begun.  First up...Reese Elizabeth.  I kept her party small with just her and five of her girlfriends and moms.  Molly, Mimi and Aunt Jac were right there pitching in as well to make this princess party go off without a hitch.  I had asked each Mom to dress their girls in shorts so when each guest arrived we had them change into shirts that Mimi had helped assemble which had the letter of their first name on them.  Then a pink tutu and accessories to bling them out...necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, wands, crowns and of course, lip gloss.  Once they were in their princess gear we did a quick photo op.  The next stop was with Molly who did a quick arts and crafts hand print tutu craft as a little keepsake for the girls to bring home.  After they finished their handprints, they went to see Aunt Jac who painted their fingernails.  We also had other crowns with stickers and jewels they decorated.  Then it was lunch time where the girls drank out of little champagne flutes and had pink lemonade.  Molly taught the girls how to "toast" and they kept doing it over and was SO CUTE!!  After cupcakes the girls just played together.  The party went great!  I am so thankful for such a helpful "crew" to help throw this little princess bash.  Reese was a very happy girl and I really think each of her friends had a great time.  Here are the pictures to remember such a wonderful day....

Happy Birthday Reese

A letter to my sweet daughter.....

Dear Reesey,

I can't believe you are 3 today!  I get teary eyed just thinking about it (I am not lying!)  I remember the day you were born so vividly and to watch you grow up these past three years from the sweetest baby girl into a very happy toddler to an extremely inquisitive and curious little girl has been amazing.  I remember when were we just a family of three and I thought, how could I possibly love anyone as much as I love Ashton...and then you were in my arms and you want to talk about the flood gates openning and my heart just exploding for such love for this beautiful baby girl.  You have had your daddy and I wrapped around your little finger since Jun 23, 2010 and have only gotten more people to fall in love with you as the days, weeks, months and years have passed.  You are our princess and a little diva in the making.  While you provide us with challenges (daily) you also give the sweetest hugs and the best kisses...never just one kiss at a time but a minimum of three with the cutest little puckered lips.  Your blue eyes and dimpled cheeks have gotten you out of a lot of trouble and I have a feeling will get you into a lot more in the years to come.  I am pretty sure in your eyes you have two heros that have most of your heart....your Daddy and your big brother Ashton.  You love to be right there with him and he is sweet enough to play with you, almost all the time.  You have a sweet compassion for your little brother too, and often ask where he is and want to make sure you give him enough kisses.  While you have been generous with him as well, sometimes that gets you into we learned you can't feed Eli M&Ms or stickers, both of which he was happy to try and eat.  Reese, you are a beautiful little girl both inside and out and I look forward to our special mother/daughter moments and memories we have made and will continue to make.  I love you with my whole heart and thank God for giving me our Reesey Peesey!


Saturday, June 1, 2013

11 Months Old

Another month's an understatement when they say time flies.  To think I will be writing your year post in just a few short weeks is so bittersweet!  You will ALWAYS be my baby and this month was wonderful!  Time to recap....

Nickname: Eli, Monkey, Booga Bear, Peanut....the list can go on and on but these are the everyday ones

Likes: Mommy, Daddy, Ashton, Reese, clapping, army crawling, eating, being outside, your BED...oh how I love this; stroller walks/runs, a certain purple ball (the yellow one won't do)

Dislikes: Sitting still, sitting on someone's lap, when you are walking around holding him and then sit down...that is a big NO in Eli's mind

Milestones: Clapping on cue, pulling up (3X so far), army crawling everywhere consistently; waving bye bye or hi

Feeding: You are still nursing in the morning and at night and take two bottles during the day; you eat oatmeal for breakfast usually with toast/fruit/yogurt; fruit/veggie puree or finger food for lunch; afternoon snack and then dinner is usually similiar to lunch.  You are not a huge meat fan, I usually find it stuffed in your cheeks about 10 min after feeding it to you.  We are working on more "table foods" but you tend to prefer pureed still so that is a work in progress.  Food I always find frustrating...I did the same with Ashton and Reese in trying to come up with new ideas...I feel like i end up doing different forms of pasta way too much

Sleeping:  You go to bed between 7-8 each night and take roughly two naps a day or one long one.  Your naps are usually less than an hour or if it is just one then you will go two or more.  I am just happy with our nights.  You still have your occassional outbursts but you have really had a good month of sleeping (knock on wood)

Clothing: Some 9 months but really 12 months for the most part.  You are over 20 lbs and have a belly that shakes like a bowl full of jelly to say the least...but it is pretty darn cute.  You are still in size 3 diapers and those fit well.

Firsts: Pulling Up, family trip to the beach...for a nine hour car ride you did amazingly well; slept in the pack in play quite a bit this past month; saying Mama consistently; waving Hi and has said it a couple times

Looking Forward too:  Pulling up consistently and walking around furniture; planning your firsts Birthday party; having your vocabulary expand

Eli you amazes us daily and fill us with JOY!  We love you to the moon and back!!!

Happy 11 Months!!!


Please ignore the bruise under his eye.  We had a mishap with the corner of a table...