Sunday, March 25, 2012

It had been FOREVER since we had made it up to the lake. Partially because for many, MANY months, there wasn't a lake to visit. It was more like a house with a spot where water used to be. Thanks to Mother Nature and the rain we have gotten in the last month or two we are back up full and were able to launch a boat and keep the boat in our cove. So we all loaded up, Casey, the kids, myself, Mo & Mimi, Mark and Jac and the boys and went down for a great weekend. The weather was beyond perfect and everyone returned home in one piece. There were only a few times we had to tell Reese to step away from her cousins, I was just afraid that her love may hurt them. But truth be told, Ashton and Reese LOVE their new cousins, Cash and Walker and it was a great time had by all to spend the weekend together. Here is the weekend in pictures...

Whip cream, I think I will!

Happy Mr. Cash

Not sure if she was channeling an 80s rock star in this pic
Seriously Mr. Walker, just the sweetest boy!
Loving on her cousin
Loving on his cousin

Cutest little bunnies....

My sweet bunny princess who sometimes loves to just stare you down!

Water fun

Last weekend we had a lot of outdoor fun! I tried to load these pictures earlier, but BLOGGER just was not cooperating. Ashton jumped in the pool but then decided that he would rather wait until the water warmed up. When I told him he might be waiting a long time, I offered the water hose as a back up and him and Reese went to town. I love how these two are really starting to play together and when they laugh at each other it is the most precious sound I have ever heard!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

It's a...

Well this is a long overdue post. Yes we are having a...BOY! And we are thrilled! I know, most people that know us well know that we did not find out what we were having when I was pregnant with Ashton and Reese, and that was our full intention with this baby. But, thanks to a doctor (not my regular OB) he spilled the beans and we now are in the know. I actually was told over the phone what we were having on Feb 15. I did share it with Casey but kept the secret in. That weekend I had Ashton go over to Mimi's house (Mo was out of town) and he brought a black balloon filled with confetti to reveal the gender. Her and Ashton popped the balloon and out popped the secret. That same day Mark and Jac came over with Mark's parents and we had a balloon for them to pop as well. The next weekend we did the same thing with Casey's parents. This whole time I kept everyone else out of the loop as I wanted to make sure we got to tell my dad in person when he got back in town on Mar 1. We managed to keep it all in and to tell Mo we let Ashton spray him with blue silly string. I think everyone was surprised, more so the ones who guessed girl. The next day I finally spilled the beans to everyone else. Now...if only we had a name....