Thursday, March 24, 2011

9 Months Old

Nine Months! 3/4 of a year...WOW! I'll say it again, time just flies by faster and faster. Well Ms. Reese, I write this blog mainly so I won't forget special times and moments is our family's lives and this is what I want to remember about you now:

Eating: We are down to two 6 oz bottles a day at the baby sitter and still nursing in the morning, at night and exclusively on the weekends. I am still pumping at work for now. You are eating a fruit for breakfast usually with something else. We are "experimenting" with new foods but as you can tell in my previous post you are a bit resistant to change. I tried toast with butter today and that seemed to make you happy, at least for a couple steps. For lunch you LOVE SOUP...split pea, black bean, tomato, roasted red pepper, just love the stuff! Baby Yogurt is also a big hit with you and you still enjoy pureed veggies and fruits. You also LOVE Gerber Puffs! Dinner is pretty much the same as lunch and hopefully the rotation of food will grow over time. Fingers crossed!

Sleeping: Still working on this. We havedealt with cutting teeth (you have your bottom two fully in but the top two are about half way there) and a double ear infection this month that hasn't really helped us. There are many nights (probably more than less) where you end up right next to me in my bed for two reasons...I don't want to risk waking you and I am too tired to move you at that point. Someday this will get better, just not sure when. You do take about 2 naps a day but they are short lived...30-45 min usually suits you just fine. Your babysitter tells me you just don't want to miss anything so you prefer to stay awake. Usually you are pretty happy but I can tell quickly when you get tired because you become fussy on the spot and you are ready to go down.

On the Move: You learned to crawl and now there is no stopping you. Litterally overnight you went from about two scoots at a time to going non-stop. The day after you "mastered" crawling you started pulling yourself onto your knees and are slowing working to pulling yourself up completely. You are Trouble with a Capital "T" when you crawling because you usually have two destinations...Spook's gate or Spook's water bowl, both of course are No No's. When you make it to one and you hear me say "No Reese" you turn, look at me and then smile this HUGE smile as if you are saying "Are you really going to say no to THIS face?" Your daddy and I can tell you are going to give us a run for our money in the years to come.

Size: Your official stats I will have to update on later. We go to the doctor for your 9 month check up this week. Clothing wise you are in 6-12 month clothing. You still are in size 2 diapers but I think this is the last box of those we will use. I think you are pretty petite, but that is just my guess. Speaking of diapers, now that you are on the move changing your diaper is an adventure. You wiggle and worm so much we are done with the changing table and I have resorted to the floor on a towel or a rug because you move way too much.

Personality: You are such a happy girl. I say that all the time but sometimes it is becoming harder to "prove" it. You have really started having some serious separation anxiety and "stranger danger" issues. Thankfully after a weekend at the lake you seem to have gotten past your problems with Mo because for a few weeks whenever my dad would come over you would just look at him and cry. I think yall just needed to bond a little which you did. But with other less familiar faces you tend to stick out your lip and it starts to quiver and then you cry, afraid we may leave you. Thankfully you don't do this with your baby sitter. You are a very curious little girl and try to get your hands on anything you can and once it is in your hands the next stop is your mouth. Your other "favorite" thing: computers! As I type this you are pulling up on my legs trying to get to my laptop. We witnessed your first tantrum when I was using the IPAD and you went to reach for it as I put it away. You turned and looked at me and then screamed a very angry scream. It was short lived but it was obvious it was because you didn't get your way. One of my favorite "new" moves you do is lifting your arms to me or daddy when you want us to pick you up. It is so sweet and I love when you do it because you are usually smiling at us with those arms raised.

Reese, your Daddy, Big Brother and I adore you. Even Mr. Spook is starting to warm up to you and has even allowed you to pet him once or twice even though he would probably deny it. You and Ashton make life more interesting and my heart skip a beat each time I look at you both. We love you so much!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Food & Frustration

What's for dinner?? That is a daily question around our house. And some days the answer comes easier than others it can be a challenge. Ashton's eating habits can be somewhat frustrating to say the least. To call Ashton stubborn might be a slight understatement. Deep down I know if he would just try some new foods he may really like them such as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or grilled cheese, or grilled/baked chicken! These foods are not "out there" but are normal "kid friendly" foods that my child won't even try. So while we still try and get him to try something, and sometimes using reverse psychology helps, most of the time not, we tend to resort to our go to foods....mac n' cheese, spaghetti o's, chicken nuggets and breakfast for after this experience I am even more determined to get Reese to try new foods and hopefully like them. Well let the frustration begin! I have always made my own baby food and to start with she was a pretty easy eater and still is when it comes to pureed veggies and fruits. She is at the stage now where she likes to feed herself finger foods and does a great job. So I decided to slowly start to introduce new foods, and sadly I haven't found many she likes. Soup....tomato, black bean, roasted red pepper, split pea...all of these she likes which is great. She likes yogurt and the Gerber Puffs too. But no luck with pasta (spaghetti, tortellini, egg noodles), boiled eggs, toast plain, toast with butter, toast with jelly, plain bagels, grilled cheese, sliced cheese, waffles, pancakes (she ate a few pieces once). I know she is young and her taste buds will change, but I want to find some new things to add to the rotation. So any friends out there...please give me your suggestions because my brain is racked with no good answers!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Soccer Sunday

We spent an hour or so at a nearby park and let Ashton play soccer against Mommy and Daddy while lil' sister looked on. It was a gorgeous day to be outside and Ashton had a blast. It's days like this that make the best memories. Thankfully, Reese is finally starting to feel better after spending Friday with Mimi and then going to the doctor to find out she had a double ear infection. :( Hopefully we are on the mend. Picture overload!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday at the Park

We had a great weekend at the lake with Mo, Mimi, Aunt Jac and "Capt. Mark" as Ashton would say. The last time we had been up there Reese was just 6 weeks old, so it was a long overdue trip. We are hoping to get up there more often. I did take some pictures but those are on my other camera. As soon as Ashton walked in the door he was ready to go to the park, so that is where we went. We tried to get Reese to swing but I think she is still a bit small for the swings so she had to settle for watching big bro for now. With the time change today we are enjoying this extra hour of daylight, but I am sure waking up tomorrow morning will not be fun, oh well...hopefully we will all get adjusted soon.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

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