Sunday, February 24, 2013

If this is what sick looks like...

So Friday morning Reese woke up complaining that her ear hurt and she was running a low fever.  I stayed home with her and brought her to the doctor.  The pictures below are what she looked like before the doctor came in.  My smiling girl quickly turned on the drama queen when the doctor came in and asked what was wrong.  Reese said pouting "My ear hurts and I stubbed my toe."  What an actress!  An ear infection sure enough.  Thankfully we are on the mend.

I love my Pink Cowboy

This week at school Ashton had PINK day and then he had Go Texan Day.  The night after pink day, I had him try on his cowboy boots to make sure they fit and he posed for me.  When I asked him if all the kids wore pink that day he said, "The girls did, the boys didn't."  I said, "So you were the only boy wearing pink?"  His response: "That's okay Mommy, I looked good!"  Glad we are good in the self confidence department!

I Phone Dump 2013 (and some of 2012

I am awful about downloading pictures from my here we go!  There are ALOT of can pretty much watch Eli grow up in the last two months!


As much as I love my boys, it is always fun to have some girl time.  Reese has really gotten into having her fingernails and toenails painted and asks almost DAILY to have them done (which she needs considering the polish is gone within the hour!).  Last weekend I thought it would be fun to bring my baby girl to get her first professional manicure and pedicure and boy did she love it!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Squash and M&Ms

How do Squash and M&Ms go together?  Dress a cute little boy in a M&M onesie and feed him some butternut squash for the first time.  Success!  He loved the squash and I think he looks pretty adorable as a M&M. (I think these pictures make him look like he has been eating a few M&Ms...)

Extended Family Time

We love when Molly and Grandpa come to visit and of course when they have to leave that is always the worst. Thankfully after a great weekend with Molly and Grandpa, we had some more special visitors come! Aunt Jac, Uncle Mark and our favorite cousins Cash & Walker and then Mo and Mimi all came over this morning to play! And talk about how things change...since the last time all 5 cousins were together, two are learning to walk and one has two new teeth!  We love our family!!!