Sunday, October 21, 2012

One, Two, Three...look at me! (Yeah Right)

It was hard to try and get two kids to look at the camera at the same time, now with three, impossible!  Oh well, still love these little faces!

Oil Ranch 2012

I was so excited to take Thursday off and go with Ashton's class out to the Oil Ranch.  I went with him last year and had a great time so I wanted to make sure I took the day off again this year.  I love the one on one time I got with him and his school friends.  This year wasn't nearly as crowded so the kids got to do so much more...ride horses, go through the haystack maze, petting zoo, hay ride, feed cows, ride the train, milk a cow and of course pick a pumpkin.  What a great day!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Eight Years

Eight Years married, ten years together!  WOW!  I can't believe it has really been that many.  I can honestly say I am more in love with Casey today than I was the day that we married each other and I never thought that could happen.  It has happened for so many reasons though, three of which I look into the faces of everyday.  Ashton, Reese and Eli are the three pieces that connect Casey and I to each other on a deeper level and will until our last breaths and they really are the best of the both of us.  Each day I see Casey "fight" or wrestle with Ashton, let Reese style Daddy's hair using not a hairbrush but a play saw or screw driver and then how Casey lights up when Eli smiles or coos, I am reminded of what a blessing he is in my life as my husband and as a father.  Casey, I adore you as the man God put into my life to be my partner and can't wait for another 50, 60, 70 plus years to come!

Happy Anniversary!


Monday, October 15, 2012

Bag of Bones

Have you ever seen a cuter skeleton????  I just love this little guy and could kiss those cheeks all day long!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Good Book

These two love each other more than I could ever have hoped and prayed they would.  And while they do fight like cats and dogs, they also love to do everything together.  I was just happy I caught this sweet moment on camera when they were "reading" to each other.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pumpkin Painting

Friday night we had our good friends, the Ruffings over, for dinner.  We love hanging out with them since it is completely casual and our kids get along really well.  There was only one incident where Reese hit Luci, but thankfully Luci forgave Reese.  I had gotten pumpkins and paint and stickers for the kids to decorate pumpkins with.  They had a great time as did the adults.


Friday, October 5, 2012


My FOUR LOVES....someday we will get a picture of all five of us, but this will do for now!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Three Months

A quarter of a year old already!  Wow!  I am so thankful I have this blog and only wish I would have started it when Ashton was a baby because I love going back and seeing how all of our kids have changed these past years and I can't believe how much Eli has changed in these past three months.  So its time to break down Elijah Hayes...

Nicknames: Still the same as last month... Eli, Peanut, Little Man, Booga Bear, E.I.

Likes: Mommy, Daddy, Ashton, Reese, bathtime, being outside, your activity mat, baby bjorn, sitting on Mommy's lap and leaning up against her thighs to a "sitting up" position, your mobile, eating, being held and cuddled (hope the cuddling lasts), nap nanny to snooze or to look around in

Dislikes: carseat for extended time periods, being in a room prefer to have people around, having your hands confined but you are still being swaddled at night, pacifiers

Milestones: You are taking a bottle now!  Just in time since Mommy went back to work.  You are now at the babysitter (Aracelis) with Ashton and Reese so you are getting more time during the day with your siblings which makes me feel better since I can't be with you as much as I wish.  The first day back at work I called to check on you at 8 am and all I heard was you screaming in the background with the babysitter telling me you were refusing the bottle, so what did I do??? Started crying too!  I calmed down (watched the clock like a hawk) and waited 45 min to call back and check on you.  Thankfully you had calmed down, went to sleep and then woke up 30 min later and downed the bottle.  Rough start but things are much better now!

Feeding: You are still exclusively breastfed but that is going to change this week as your appetite is growing and unfortunately I just dont have the time to pump as much as you need.  The plan is to still send you with breastmilk bottles and formula bottles so you are still getting as much of the good stuff as you can.  You tend to eat about 8- 9 times a day with one feeding around 3 am, 5 am, then five bottles between 6-4:30 when I pick you up, 5 PM we nurse and then around 7 PM to finish the day.  You are taking about 4-5 oz at each feeding.

Sleeping:  I am pretty happy in this department considering our past experiences.  Eli usually goes to bed around 7-7:30 and that is pushing it (apparently the days just wipe him out) and he will sleep between 6-8 hours so that means waking up around 1-3am nurse for maybe 10 min then falls back asleep until around 5 or so.  You are a catnapper during the day, 30-45 min naps 3-4 times a day...this has started happening since I went back to work :(  I know you are getting into a new routine in a new environment and unfortunately you just arent as interested in sleeping during the day.  But if you keep up good nights, I can't complain.

Behavior:  You are a smiler!  You are really a happy boy who is just taking everything in now.  One new habit you have developed is a humming while you nurse.  It is quite amusing and LOUD!  You are so much more alert as each day passes and really are starting to recognize people, sounds, and places.  You are starting to coo and giggle some and it is just the cutest thing.  I love picking you up at the end of each day and you looking at me and then smiling, and the same thing in the mornings.  I just love these moments!

Clothes/Diapers: You are in size 1 Pampers diapers and they fit great.  At your 2 month check up you topped the scales at 10.05 lbs so I am guessing you are pushing 11-12 lbs now.  You are in 0-3 month clothing.  I haven't packed up the newborn clothing yet, but need to which is so sad knowing it is my third and final time to do so.

"Firsts": You started going to the babysitters which was a huge adjustment for all of us, still is, but you are thriving and she loves you and looks forward to seeing your cute smiling face everyday.  You had your first lake weekend with your cousins, Cash and Walker, over Labor Day which was a blast.  You started taking a bottle.

Looking Forward to: Sleeping more 7-9 hour stretches than 6-8...maybe wishful thinking but we shall see.  Fall weather where we can go for stroller walks...haven't done much of this because Houston is just plain hot.  Using your Bumbo seat as your neck is getting much stronger and you and start to "sit" in it to look around.  More cooing and laughing!

Eli you are nothing but amazing.  I think you are the cutest little guy around, I'm not biased or anything.  You are such a calming soul in our chaotic house which is just what we need.  Having you around makes me want to stop and just soak up all of these moments and I am so thankful that you remind me to do just that.  Your Daddy, brother, sister, aunts, grandparents and especially your Mommy love you so much!!! XOXO