Monday, May 28, 2012

Holiday Weekend Fun

While the rest of my family headed to New Orleans to celebrate my cousin Shannon's wedding, we stayed put in H-Town since my doctor is not very keen on me traveling with six weeks until D-Day.  It has been a beautiful weekend that we have spent mostly outside.  There has been a lot of pool time, but there has also been a lot of other fun with the basics, a water hose and then some shaving cream.  I love these too!  Can't wait for their little brother to join in the mix.... 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mother's Day

I had a great Mother's Day weekend.  It started on Thursday when Ashton's school had Muffins with Mom where Molly, Mimi and I all got to join Ashton at school for breakfast and then we got to go to chapel.  Ashton gave me a sweet bookmark that he answered questions about me that his teacher's asked (that is another post that will come soon).  We had a great time in chapel watching Ashton sing and oh yes, dance, in the church pews...his teachers told me that is his favorite time of the day.

Friday Molly and Grandpa kept the kids and had a great time playing while Casey and I worked.  Saturday my sweet husband and father in law built me some shelves in my bathroom I have been asking for.  Perfect Mother's Day gift!  The kids and I baked cookies for Ashton's Birthday celebration at school (they celebrated it early since he has a summer Birthday).

Sunday Morning Molly and and Grandpa loaded up to head back home, but not before giving me an adorable picture frame of the kids holding signs.  I LOVED it!  Later that day Mo, Mimi, Capt Mark, Jac, Cash, Walker and Poppop (Bill) came over for lunch.  It was a gorgeous day outside which is where we spent most of it.  Casey, Ashton, Mark and Walker all went swimming.  Unfortunately I did not do a good job of taking pictures (what else is new).  I have none of Grandpa & Molly or Walker.  But here are a few.  What a great Mother's day...hard to believe next year I will have another sweet little boy to love on!