Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Found a Pen!

Today was a typical Saturday filled with the usual weekend activities. I did a little, ok, a LOT of laundry and then went on my weekly outing to H.E.B. This week Ashton decided to join me at the grocery. He was sitting in the front of the cart, guarding my purse, when he decided to start going through it. He managed to open my wallet, pull out all sorts of cards in there and would ask his usual "what's this?" question he constantly asks these days. I was a bit distracted to say the least as I was trying to make sure I was getting everything on the list while trying not to run into the other hundreds of people in the store (it is always a zoo on the weekends!). Next thing you know Ashton says "Hey I found a pen!" I didn't turn and look immediately but then when I did I realized he was not waving a pen around in the air, instead it was a tampon! I tried to take it away and he proceded to scream, "I need my pen! I want my pen!" I tried to explain to him that was not a pen and started to dig in my black hole (purse) until I found a pen to replace his other "pen." The looks of the other customers were quite interesting as the men just tried to look away while all the women seemed to laugh to themselves or smile. Just a typical day with Ashton these never know what is going to happen. Man I love this kid!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Eight Months!

Time just flies. That is all I can say. Eight Months Old TODAY! Oh it is so bittersweet. Reese you are such a joy, and a delight. You and your brother bring so much happiness to both your Daddy and I's lives. Neither of us could ever imagine experiencing this kind of love. There are a few things I want to remember from this month so when I look back in a year or two or twenty I will know just what was going on with you.

Eating: LOVE to eat! You have cut down to 3 bottles a day and still nursing at night and in the morning. You love sweet potatoes, banana, pineapple, blueberries, corn, apples, peas, tomato soup, split pea soup, black bean soup. We just tried yogurt this week with a mixed reaction. You seem to have found it a bit tart but then wanted more...too funny. You also love all of the Gerber snacks...puffs, yogurt bites, cookies, teething crackers. I also have let you naw on a piece of french bread which you seemed to really enjoy. You have also started to feed yourself a little. You love to put the snacks in your hands and about every one out of ten you will put in your month....the rest you just hold onto so tight in your fist (almost afraid that someone will take it away from you) that I have to pry your hand open when we are done with the meal. I can't wait to see what you will do next!

Moving: While you aren't officially crawling, you can make it anywhere you want to. You somehow go backwards or will spin yourself around and then inch backwards. There is no stopping you. You will still rock in the push up position looking like you are about to start crawling but then belly flop and just roll or scoot to your destination.
Activities: You LOVE your johnny jumper still. This Christmas gift was one of the best. You jump so hard, you have fallen asleep in it about 3 times standing up...too funny. You still like your exersaucers and enjoy having Ashton chase you around in the one. He makes you laugh so hard each time, especially when he sneaks up on you. We just pulled down the walker and on the first day you cried in it, but then when you realized you could get to other places in it, there was no stopping you. You now can explore so many more places....but just like your scooting, you somehow tend to go backwards in your walker too.
Sleeping: This is a struggle. Your daddy and I have been seeing way too many AM hours than we want to. You used to be such a champ, and I am not sure what has happened lately. Luckily you aren't mad usually when you wake up, but instead seem to want to play. We will keep working on this, because we all could use a little more sleep in this house.
Size: When we went to the doctor earlier this month you weighed in at 16 lbs 2 oz. I am not sure where that falls in terms of percentage but I think you are still a little small, but definetely filling out more. You can still fit in some 3-6 month clothing, but are most comfortable in 6-9 months. Pants seem to be a bit big on you for the 6-9 months. Diapers...size 2 and have been there a while. I am guessing you haven't gotten to much taller, but next month we will see.
Extras: You seem to be having a bit of separation anxiety. When Daddy or I leave the room you have a slight meltdown. You sometimes will warm up after about 10 minutes or so of being around someone, but do not go as freely to other people as you used to. You have started to "wave" a little. Your arm kinda just flaps around but you get pretty excited when you do it.

Reese, you are just a ray of sunshine. Your daddy, brother and I are loving to watch you grow and form your personality. You really like to hear yourself and can you shriek with joy. You have such a belly laugh which is contagious. Your sweet smile and gorgeous eyes melt my heart every time you look at me. I love you so much! Happy Eight Months!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

I know it is a day early but wasn't sure if I would get around to posting tomorrow. Happy Valentine's Day from two big pieces of my heart!

Much Love, Nat

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Face

So this is the face I am used to seeing....
but Ms. Reese has decided this is the one she likes to show off now. She has started doing this in between eating bites of food. I have heard that I made a similar face when I was a baby, so I guess, like mother like daughter....I think it is kinda cute though, especially the little "huffing" sound she makes when doing it.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

3 out of 4 times 2

How is that for an equation? Four eyes, four ears, two kids...and 3 out of the 4 eyes had pink eye and 3 out of the 4 ears had an ear infection! So Tuesday evening Casey had a dinner to go to and I noticed Reese's eyes starting to get that "junk" in them. Next thing you know Ashton's right eye started to look pink. I sent Casey a text saying I wouldn't be surprised if Ashton woke up with pink eye, sure enough he did. Casey was an awesome dad and took both kiddos to the doctor (yes don't forget we were there the week before getting Ashton medicine for an ear infection.) Results, both kids had pink eye and ear infections. Reese had it in both eyes and both ears, Ashton had it in one eye and still had his ear infection. So they headed home to stay inside and try not to spread the lovely germs. Thursday morning the kids looked a lot better but still had that "glassy" look to their eyes so I stayed home with them (that would be day 2 inside the house). Then the ice work on Friday or school for the kids, but another day inside the house. Thankfully Mimi called Friday night and asked if Ashton wanted to spend the thankful because Cabin Fever had already set in. Good news now, the infections seem to be getting better, but I am pretty sure Reese has her second tooth coming in which is causing my Oh So Happy Baby to be a little cross and wants to be held by her mommy non-stop. Don't get me wrong, I love to snuggle with this little one, but sometimes I need my arms. On a lighter note, enjoy the pictures below....Reese's bout with pink eye documented, Ashton finally letting me take a picture of him (MIRACLE!) and being sweet to his sister, Ashton talking on the phone with Grandpa (he LOVES to call people now, I think he called Molly 4 times on Wednesday when he was home sick), and finally Reese sporting a bow without a baby girl is finally getting enough hair to put a clip in, that is, until she figures out how to grab it off her head and then it is over!