Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy Halloween

So I am WAY behind on blogging, without an excuse besides lack of time and effort.  So for now, lets just pretend I haven't missed the last three months and just go from there.  This year the kids decided to be a Power Ranger, a Princess/ we had Sleeping Beauty riding her unicorn, and then a little Pirate who got really good at saying ARGH!!!!!  Despite the pictures Eli really did enjoy himself, he just wanted to run into the street which we kept stopping him from, which ensued a meltdown....

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Happy (Belated) Birthday Ashton

Well I am way behind, but I have not forgotten.  With three kids born over a 15 day time span, its hard to keep your act together all the time.  My favorite oldest son had a Birthday on July 8 and we celebrated then.  But we also celebrated AGAIN with a Birthday party at Monkey Bizness.  This party was the perfect party to end on (show up with cupcakes and drinks and let them do the rest) but better yet, it was exactly what Ashton wanted.  All the kids had a great time and with Mo, Mimi, Grandpa and Molly there plus his cousins and his friends from school and other places Ashton couldn't have been happier. 

To recap on this amazing boy, here are a few things I want to remember...

-Heart of are a very compassionate little boy who tends to gravitate towards younger kids and are very protective of your little sister and little brother
-Has a new found love for soccer
-Lost not ONE but TWO teeth, the second on his actual Birthday! (bottom two)
-Is beyond excited to go to Kindergarten...I just pray his excitement and love for learning is something that sticks with him
-Is an outdoor kid (does not get this from his Mom who prefers environments with an AC)
-Is a BIG are 6 years old, 4 ft tall, where a size 2 shoe and is 58 lbs!
-Give the best kisses and hugs and thinks his Daddy walks on water!

We love you Ashton!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Eli!

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SWEET BABY BOY!!!!  Oh a year has past and even though I know we are closer to toddler than we are to baby, Elijah Hayes, you will ALWAYS be my baby boy!  Just to close out the year the same way we started it, let's break you down into a few sections...

Nicknames: Eli, Monkey, Binky, Booga Bear, Peanut

Likes: Food!  You are a chunk! waving; giving kisses, biting (not a finer trait of yours!), snuggling, being outside, balls, things that make noise and light up, balloons, your brother...after Ashton was gone for a week and you were reunited you could not stop grinning and reaching for Ashton (sometimes your sister); Tickle Me Elmo (this is a love/hate want to see him do his thing, as long as you are in the comfort of mommy's lap; Mommy, Daddy, Mimi, Mo, Grandpa, Molly, Jac, Mark, Cash and Walker; stroller rides; birthday cake

Dislikes: Being told NO!  You know what it means and DO NOT like hearing it; getting into your car seat; getting dressed for squirm!; still do not like people to sit down while holding's like you are saying, you have legs that work so use them!

Milestones: Crawling with your stomach off the ground (I really didnt think this would happen); Pulling up all the time; taking one step around furniture...not close to walking but further than we were before!; waving and saying "buh" (for bye)

Feeding: Taking one bottle, sometimes two a day, but still nursing at night; eating three solid meals and two snacks a stuffed shells, brocolli cheese nuggets, quinoa, eggs, biscuits with Mimi's jelly, frozen banana "ice cream", yogurt melts, puffs, blueberries, red beans and rice, BIRTHDAY went to town at your party!

Sleeping: You usually take two naps a day for anywhere from 30 min- hr for the first one, then usually an hr and a half to 2 hrs in the afternoon.  You go to bed by 8 PM and usually sleep until 6 am which is still amazing for this family

Clothing/Size: You are in 12 month clothing, there are still some 9 months lingering but 12 months fit best.  Still size three diapers.  I am guessing you are probably 22 lbs but will find out on Jul 9 when we go for your year check up

Firsts: As mentioned before you are crawling with your belly off the ground; you also learned to say Mo!; Started with a new nanny (Ms. Tiffany) and you have been wonderful for her

Looking Forward to....Walking around furniture, I think we are still a good two months away AT LEAST before you start walking but hopefully you will start to walk around furniture or with your walking toys soon...I am not looking forward to getting tubes put in your ears in two weeks, but hopefully ear infections will be a thing of the past.

Eli, you are so sweet and wonderful!  You are the happiest little man who makes everyone around you smile.  You have enriched our lives this past year and made life even sweeter than it already was.  Your Daddy, Brother, Sister and I love you to the moon and back.

XOXO!  Happy Birthday sweet boy!


PS: He was wearing his monthly sticker in these last two pictures, he just refused to show it

Sunday, June 23, 2013

She's TuTu Cute and turning three...

We celebrated Reese's 3rd Birthday this year with a princess/tutu girls Birthday party.  Since all three kiddos in our family have summer birthdays within weeks of each other it is hard to make sure everyone gets their own special time/day/party.  For the past two years I have done a combination Birthday party for Ashton and Reese, and let's face it, the parties have mostly been geared towards Ashton's interests.  This year, I went nuts, and decided that each child will have their own party....and party season has begun.  First up...Reese Elizabeth.  I kept her party small with just her and five of her girlfriends and moms.  Molly, Mimi and Aunt Jac were right there pitching in as well to make this princess party go off without a hitch.  I had asked each Mom to dress their girls in shorts so when each guest arrived we had them change into shirts that Mimi had helped assemble which had the letter of their first name on them.  Then a pink tutu and accessories to bling them out...necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, wands, crowns and of course, lip gloss.  Once they were in their princess gear we did a quick photo op.  The next stop was with Molly who did a quick arts and crafts hand print tutu craft as a little keepsake for the girls to bring home.  After they finished their handprints, they went to see Aunt Jac who painted their fingernails.  We also had other crowns with stickers and jewels they decorated.  Then it was lunch time where the girls drank out of little champagne flutes and had pink lemonade.  Molly taught the girls how to "toast" and they kept doing it over and was SO CUTE!!  After cupcakes the girls just played together.  The party went great!  I am so thankful for such a helpful "crew" to help throw this little princess bash.  Reese was a very happy girl and I really think each of her friends had a great time.  Here are the pictures to remember such a wonderful day....