Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Scream, You Scream...

...We all scream for ICE CREAM! Today was a great day! Reese turned six weeks old which just goes to show how fast time really does fly, but we also got to venture out to Brenham, Texas which is home of the Blue Bell Ice Cream Factory. I remember going Blue Bell a few times as a child and I want Ashton and Reese to also have those memories. My mom and I packed up the kids and drove out there this morning and went on the tour. Reese was awesome, and slept the whole drive out, along with the entire tour and didn't wake up until she was hungry which was about 10 minutes after the tour had ended. If you have ever been to the Blue Bell Factory then you will be happy to know the tour hasn't changed. They still start it with a five minute movie and then you get to see the factory. Ashton loved the tour and seeing the machines work and the pictures of cows on the walls. He was not very happy about the movie which makes me think it will still be a while before he is ready to go to an hour and a half show, but he loved the room which showed all of the frozen treats and flavors that Blue Bell makes. He just kept saying "I want ice cream. I want ice cream." We ended the tour with the high-light of his day, a large portion of vanilla ice cream (he isn't one for trying new things) at 10 AM...nice way to start the day I would say. For the rest of the day I got to hang out with both of my kids and really enjoyed it but was happy to see their daddy walk in a little after five. Hopefully this will be just one of a few great childhood memories to come! (One other note...Ashton was fascinated by the bronze statue of this little girl and thought she really needed a hug, so sweet!)

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