Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! We had a great night with Mo, Mimi, Uncle Mark and Aunt Jac helping Ashton and Reese celebrate Halloween. Ashton was our very own UPS man (or the Oop-us Man) as he called himself, and Reese was a Lil' Pumpkin. Ashton was very excited about Halloween and even made his own box to go with his costume complete with stickers and even some UPS packing slips. This year was a lot of fun since it really was the first time Ashton seemed to understand what was going on. Last year he went to the doors but just stood there, this year he would say "trick or treat" then after receiving his candy he would say "thank you!" which made his Mommy SO PROUD! We practiced that and it seemed to work! Apparently at one house Ashton was so used to people giving him two pieces of candy and this man only gave him one, so Ashton proceded to reach into the bowl and help himself to his second piece; at least he said thank you right! We had a great night and were very thankful that our family good be with us.

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