Monday, March 21, 2011

Food & Frustration

What's for dinner?? That is a daily question around our house. And some days the answer comes easier than others it can be a challenge. Ashton's eating habits can be somewhat frustrating to say the least. To call Ashton stubborn might be a slight understatement. Deep down I know if he would just try some new foods he may really like them such as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or grilled cheese, or grilled/baked chicken! These foods are not "out there" but are normal "kid friendly" foods that my child won't even try. So while we still try and get him to try something, and sometimes using reverse psychology helps, most of the time not, we tend to resort to our go to foods....mac n' cheese, spaghetti o's, chicken nuggets and breakfast for after this experience I am even more determined to get Reese to try new foods and hopefully like them. Well let the frustration begin! I have always made my own baby food and to start with she was a pretty easy eater and still is when it comes to pureed veggies and fruits. She is at the stage now where she likes to feed herself finger foods and does a great job. So I decided to slowly start to introduce new foods, and sadly I haven't found many she likes. Soup....tomato, black bean, roasted red pepper, split pea...all of these she likes which is great. She likes yogurt and the Gerber Puffs too. But no luck with pasta (spaghetti, tortellini, egg noodles), boiled eggs, toast plain, toast with butter, toast with jelly, plain bagels, grilled cheese, sliced cheese, waffles, pancakes (she ate a few pieces once). I know she is young and her taste buds will change, but I want to find some new things to add to the rotation. So any friends out there...please give me your suggestions because my brain is racked with no good answers!


Jenni said...

Have you tried hummus? Connor loves it as you may have seen in my recent post. I'll be posting our very easy recipe soon. He (well, all three of us!) also loves these: I understand the frustration, though. Something that could be his favorite today he wants nothing to do with tomorrow! Good luck!!

Jenni said...

OK...I don't think you can see that link. Try THIS