Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Reese

Oh baby girl! Where did the time go? I remember waking up feeling those contractions knowing life was going to change forever shortly; however, I could have never imaged how wonderful this past year could be. You are truly a gift from God that has been given to me and your Daddy and your brother and all of the family. You have an infectious smile, when you chose to show it, and are my little snuggle bug. Here are a few things I want to remember:

-Size: 6-18 month clothes, depending on the brand; size 2 diapers....right on track. I think you are around 19 lbs and change (we go to the doctor this week) so stats to come

-Eating: You like your food! You are still nursing in the morning and at night but we are going to start weaning. You are fickle when it comes to milk, but that is a work in progress. You like most veggies and some fruit. You are willing to try new foods (unlike your brother), but when you are done, you lock your lips together, do the hand motions for "all done" and then will push away the spoon. If there is food on your tray and you are done you will then look at me sweetly and procede to drop pieces off the side all while still looking at me. You have 5 1/2 teeth, the 1/2 is coming through on the top (2.5 top, 3 bottom).

Activity: You are a mover and a shaker. You are enjoying walkers right now, especially the ones you can push and walk behind. You still walking around all furniture and will stand freely. I really believe it won't be long now until you are off.

Extras: You are a serious little one and have a case of stranger danger. You prefer your mommy and daddy (which we don't mind) and then after that you tend to size up your choices and will stick with one person. You tend to stare people down until you are sure of them. You still ADORE your brother and will say "Aaa, Aaa" which we think is for Ashton. You follow him around as much as he lets you. You love seeing yourself in the mirror and have gotten a fascination with playing with mommy and daddy's shoes. You also like to see pictures of yourself and will even try to kiss them!

Reese, you are such a joy. You have made our family a stronger and better unit. We can not wait to watch you grow, but just ask that you slow it down. This past year went by way too fast and with each day that pass and I hold you I can feel my sweet baby growing into a toddler and then into a little person, and I don't want to think about the rest. We love you so much and wish you the happiest of Birthdays!

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