Friday, February 1, 2013

7 Months

7 Months!  And what a great month it has been!  It is hard for me to remember life without this little man since he brings so much joy to our family!  So time for the breakdown...

Nicknames: Mr. Eli - this comes from Ashton and Reese, so proper right???  Little Man, Peanut, Booga Bear.

Likes:  Mommy!  I can proudly say he lights up when I walk into the room which melts my heart!  He also smiles so big when he sees Daddy, Ashton, Reese and Mr. Spook!  Loves that dog!  Food!  More about that later, but this boy loves to eat.  Likes the exersaucer, toy football, rolling all over the place, his feet, and a new favorite...blowing major spit bubbles...not so cool when he has a mouth full of food

Dislikes:  When Mommy walks OUT of a room.  Having your nose wiped, and we have done a lot of this the last two months, along with eye drops; whenthere is no food left; being laid down (really likes to snuggle); being alone in a room

Milestones:  Rolling front to back, back to front across an entire room, one and a half teeth....the first one popped through finally this week and the second (both bottom front) we can feel and is making its way out

Feeding: Down to 4 bottles a day at the sitter's house; nurses in the morning and at night and on the weekends during the day.  Taking about 6 oz at each bottle.  Eats oatmeal cereal in the morning with a fruit sometimes.  Lunch is a veggie and fruit.  Dinner is usually a combo of veggie/fruit/yogurt.  He has tried sweet potato, carrot, peas, avocado, apples, pears, bananas and yogurt.  So far he likes everything but the avocado.  And while he loves the bananas they don't really do him good (TMI??? they stop him up for DAYS!!!)  so we are kinda cutting this out for now.  His FAVORITE by far is yogurt (no surprise there!) and will try to steal the spoon.

Sleeping: Thanks to illness, and now teething he still isn't sleeping consistently.  Usually he goes down between 6:30 - 7:30 and will sleep anywhere from 12-1:30.  He then will go back down until maybe 4-4:30.  This hurts!  Mommy and Daddy are tired!

Clothes/Diapers: We finished up our size 2 diapers and are now in size three.  At his six month check up he weighed 15 lbs 15 oz so I am guessing we are probably close to 17 lbs by now.  He is in six month clothing but can still fit in some 3-6 month stuff and the occassional 9 month sleepers too.

Firsts: Lots of new first foods all were introduced this month.  First tooth!  First time in his high chair...we have been using the nap nanny/bumbo seat/and this other mini saucer seat which we really like.

Looking forward to...sitting up!  Eli isn't quite able to hold himself up very long, he can push on his hands to hold up, but not for long.  I can tell just in the last two weeks how much stronger his back is getting though so I think this will happen this month.  Getting outside some more.  We have had some beautiful days and I love letting this guy get some fresh air.

Eli you are such a wonderful baby and lil man.  We love you more each day and I literally run out of work each day to get to you and your brother and sister and can't wait to kiss those sweet cheeks of yours!

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