Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy 1/2 Birthday!

And another month has gone by! Six months old...oh my sweet Reese, you are such a joy to have around. Here is a recap of a few things I want to remember:

-Love to eat...started eating sweet potatoes, peas, squash, and bananas so far and has yet to meet a food you didn't like
-Still taking only 4 oz at a time, 6-8 times a day
-Sleep: getting better, we finally moved you to your crib (long overdue I know) and you are will make it about 6-7 hrs before waking up VERY happy, which is good, but normally that is somewhere between 1-3 am...hoping you decide to go a little longer soon
-Has found your voice! You find it very fun to see how loud you can scream, not out of anger or being upset, just for fun, you like to hear yourself
-Smiles 24/7...still the only time you are fussy is when you are tired/hungry; however, we have discovered you are not a big fan of crowds...we attended two different parties this past month and you stuck your lip out as far as you could
-Starting to have some separation anxiety and is picking up on are still great with grandparents, aunt/uncle, and babysitter, but other than that you don't like unfamiliar people to hold you
-Brother/Sister Bond: if you could have a BFF at this age then that would be Ashton, you still respond better to him than to anyone and if you hear his voice you will strain your neck to see where he is
-On the move! You are rolling all over, back to stomach, stomach to back and you love the exersaucer where you can walk around the activity table (reminds me of when Ashton used to drag the whole table across the house when he was in it)
-Sitting up, can sit up for about 10 seconds before you fall over but I can tell you are getting stronger and stronger
-Laugh: You have such a hearty laugh that is contagious!

Reese, you are just a happy girl! Those big blue eyes pull everyone in immediately. I am thinking you are turning into a daddy's girl because lately you cry when he leaves the room and light up as soon as he enters it. We love you so much and you make each and everyday brighter!

(We go to the doctor on Monday for our six month check up, and shots :( so I will post stats later)

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Tracy said...

Such a cutie patootie and gorgeous eyes!!! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!