Sunday, January 9, 2011

Holiday Catch Up

I have been behind on my blogging as this time of the year seems to fly by in a mad dash. It amazes me how much preparation goes into the holidays and then how quickly they pass by. This year was no exception. We had a wonderful Christmas celebrating with many family members. We were blessed to spend Christmas Eve and day with my family and then to have our extended New Orleans family come to Houston for a few days and then to end 2010 and ring in 2011 with my wonderful in-laws. Ashton was in heaven as everyday he seemed to have a new present to open. He really enjoyed Christmas this year and couldn't wait to see what Santa had brought. Reese of course just took it all in and would let out her squeals which she loves to do these days. Unfortunately we had to end the Christmas celebration with bringing her to the doctor to get her six month check up that came with 3 shots. Poor thing took them like a champ but wasn't the happiest of campers for the next few days. As promised I said I would post her stats so here they are:

Height: 26 inches (grew 2.5 in in 2 months!)
Weight: 15 lbs 7.5 oz (38%)
Head: 17 cm (70 % --must be smart!)

To go back to the holidays it was so nice to keep the kids home and give them a lot of quality time with family and to give the baby sitter a break. My mom, dad, sister, aunts, and cousins all helped watch them for two days and then Casey's parents had them for another two days. Ashton LOVED hanging out with everyone, especially my cousin Kayla and her precious baby Brayden who is six weeks younger than Reese. He is just adorable and such a great baby.

Like I said before this time of year just flies by so quickly and then the New Year comes and we say it again, where did the year go. It is always interesting to me to think back to where I was a year ago. I was watching a very active 2 1/2 year old keeping me on my toes and wondering if he was ever going to start talking more (no worries there now!), I was just passing my first trimester and finally starting to feel better (now I look at this precious baby girl and just smile) and last I was mourning the passing of my grandma who has been gone a year today. 2010 had many down moments I must say for my family, but the good moments by far outweigh the tough times. Reese Elizabeth's birth and watching Ashton grow seem to put everything in perspective and I look forward to everything 2011 has to bring.

PS: I am trying to post pictures but apparently blogger isn't liking me right now. I will do a picture post soon!

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