Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Found a Pen!

Today was a typical Saturday filled with the usual weekend activities. I did a little, ok, a LOT of laundry and then went on my weekly outing to H.E.B. This week Ashton decided to join me at the grocery. He was sitting in the front of the cart, guarding my purse, when he decided to start going through it. He managed to open my wallet, pull out all sorts of cards in there and would ask his usual "what's this?" question he constantly asks these days. I was a bit distracted to say the least as I was trying to make sure I was getting everything on the list while trying not to run into the other hundreds of people in the store (it is always a zoo on the weekends!). Next thing you know Ashton says "Hey I found a pen!" I didn't turn and look immediately but then when I did I realized he was not waving a pen around in the air, instead it was a tampon! I tried to take it away and he proceded to scream, "I need my pen! I want my pen!" I tried to explain to him that was not a pen and started to dig in my black hole (purse) until I found a pen to replace his other "pen." The looks of the other customers were quite interesting as the men just tried to look away while all the women seemed to laugh to themselves or smile. Just a typical day with Ashton these never know what is going to happen. Man I love this kid!

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