Sunday, August 28, 2011

1st Day of School

Ashton had his first day at his new school this week and he was super excited to go. We went to meet the teacher last weekend and then we had to wait until Thursday rolled around to finally get to go. Well it came, and I cried, but he didn't so that is a successful day in the least! Casey told me I will probably cry each year from here on out until he is a grown man. (I couldn't argue) I was super anxious to pick him up that afternoon and he said he had a great day. Only downfall, he ate his apples and string cheese but decided to forgo all his other lunch/snacks. Oh well! Hope this is a great year ahead!

PS: On Monday he managed to slip and fall outside on the concrete and gave himself a nice cut on his eye....I guess it made him look tougher on his first day!

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