Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Newest Addition

If the title of this post made you think baby, think again. We have talked for a while about adding onto our house and our options were pretty limited. Up was about the only way we could go, so we decided to go up over the garage. A few months back we had an architect draw up some plans for the addition and then about 4 weeks ago we started the project. I am hopeful that we are half way there because there are a few things I am ready to get rid of...hence the Portapotty on my driveway.


Phase One: Good Bye Roof

Phase Two: In comes large dumpster and lovely outdoor bathroom facility

Upstairs after insulation

Just in case you needed a reference:

Before Sheet Rock....

Outside Shot..

Once we get this done I will post more. Thankfully the dumpster went away this past week, but the toilet remains....

This is the view from inside the garage, the far back doorway will be a bathroom

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