Sunday, October 2, 2011

First Haircut

Friday I took the kids to get haircuts, the first for Reese and just one of many for Ashton. Ashton is at the point now where he really needs to have his cut every four weeks. Ugh!! But, it is totally worth it because he looks adorable each time. Reese's hair has really grown in the last few months and while it needed a trim, as you can see from the before picture below, Jenny, our hairdresser said just to leave it at that, a trim. No bangs or bob cut this time, just enough to even things out. Soon enough she will need a really "big girl" haircut, but I can wait longer for that. Even though it was just a trim, she did awesome. After she saw Ashton, the pro, get his done, she was ready to sit there and have her turn. She just kept trying to look back to see what exactly Jenny was doing.


Ashton loves the attention and the "pampering"

When he asks to do his hair he says he needs spray AND gel...Jenny said he was a kid after her own heart!


The first cut:

Pretty happy

The best after shot we could get

Then while I was getting my hair cut, Ashton decided it would be good if he finished up Reese's hair

That's all folks!

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