Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hello 30

So most of the time I use this blog as a scrapbook to remember what is going on in our lives, or I guess I should say what Ashton and Reese are up to. For one post I am going to write about me. Today is the last day of my twenties and while I am not going to lie, I really have not been looking forward to turning thirty, I started thinking back about my 20s and wanted to recap the past ten years....

20...hello twenty! I met my best friend/future husband and was living with three of my best friends! (1011 bayou woods...Kelly,Jenni and Amanda!)

21...officially legal, yes Casey and I could finally go to Dave and busters as we couldn't before because I was a year shy of 21 and sadly he was a year shy of being old enough to be considered my "legal guardian" for this establishment; got engaged and finished my last semester in College Station

22...big year...landed first job and despite technically working for 5 different companies, I still have the same job for the last eight years; graduated college WHOOP!!; married my best friend; bought our first house

23...celebrated one year anniversary in Las Vegas, welcomed Mr. Spook to our family...love our little white fluffy westie-poo

24...found out I was pregnant...surprised, shocked, scared, elated..total mix of emotions

25...My Golden Birthday...gave birth to my precious son Ashton William and experienced the most incredible kind of love anyone has ever known; learned what it meant to be really tired and how to function on minimal sleep; retired my Honda Civic (actually Casey sucked it up and drove around in it) and got my first SUV...love!

26...sold our first house and bought and moved into our current home, literally one year to the day that we brought Ashton home from the hospital

27...took at long overdue trip to New York to celebrate our 5 year anniversary and found out the morning we left I was pregnant with baby #2

28...lost my Maw-Maw at 89 years old, a month shy of her 90th Birthday; gave birth to our sweet daughter Reese Elizabeth and experienced a whole new love all over again

29...became an AUNT/Godmother to the two most precious baby boys...Cash William and Walker Kevin; found out I was pregnant with baby Lee #3 and learned what morning sickness really was...I only thought I knew from Ashton and Reese, boy was I wrong....

These are just a few of the memories I have from the past 10 years. I have cried a lot, laughed a lot and smiled a ton and made some of the best memories with some of the best friends/family anyone could ask for. So I guess, bring on my thirties...if all of these wonderful things could happen in my twenties I can't wait to see what the future holds...especially come July when I get to meet Baby Lee #3!

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Sarah said...

Wow!!! Congrats on Baby #3!!! And congrats on a fabulous 10 years! Love ya!!