Friday, January 13, 2012

I DO!! I DO!!

Lately Reese has been showing a bit more of her stubborn or maybe I should say independent personality especially when it comes to meal times. I understand kids need to learn to feed themselves and Reese has always done pretty good at this. I normally would feed her about half of her meal (to ensure a good portion went in her mouth) and then would let her feed herself. Meal time has become somewhat frustrating lately as she will not let anyone help her and wants to do everything herself. "I DO! I DO!" is what she tends to say loudly and with quite a bit of intensity. If you do not let her have her way, A) She refuses to eat B) Has a large meltdown. Once you give in, things tend to go better. So a few outfits/baths later and all is well with the world. Here is Reese eating JELLO, if you didn't know better you may think she had the chicken pox. Man, we love this girl!

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