Saturday, June 23, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Reese

Happy 2nd Birthday sweet Reese!  Oh how we love you more than you will ever know!  There are a few things I want to remember about this time so I am going to try and break them down:

Nicknames: Reesey Peesey

Weight/Size: Roughly 25lbs, not sure how tall (haven't been to the dr yet) but seem petite to me.  You can still wear some 12 month shorts but for the most part 18 month clothes fit you the best...2T is a bit on the larger size

Food Likes: Hot Dogs, Cookies, Cheetos, Watermelon, Broccoli (takes after her mother), Spaghetti, Lucky Charms (picks the marshmellows out), cucumbers, chocolate....honestly you aren't that picky and will normally try anything, but you have a tendency to request something and then take 2 bites and call it done which can be VERY frustrating

Other Likes: ASHTON (or in your words As-ton), Mr. Spook (wish the feeling was mutual), baby dolls, mimicing big brother, swimming, being outside, DADDY...favorite word to say "Dada, Dada, Dada" over and over again

Dislikes: Bedtime---you don't want to miss a thing, sharing (working on this, but you are a stubborn little girl and have no problem telling someone NO even when they say please)

Sleeping: Speaking of bedtime...why are my children such night owls and early risers???  Usually asleep by 8:30ish (on a good day), up by 6 nap during the day normally about an just don't want to miss anything!

Milestones:  You have gone pee-pee on the potty a few times which is awesome!  You are showing signs much earlier than your brother that you are interested in potty training so we have started working on this and hope over the next few months we can drop the diapers.  You have also started talking so much and using phrases/sentences.  I am amazed by how much you changed in just the last month and how clear you can speak.  You love to sing the ABC song but your absolute favorite is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with Patty Cake as a close second.  You can also count to ten.  You amaze me how you are able to navigate an IPAD and an IPhone.  There have been moments where your dad and I have looked at each other and have tried to figure out how you have managed to do the same time, to your dad's frustration, you manage to reset his Iphone/IPad at least once a week if not more. 

Reese, you are just BEAUTIFUL, both inside and out!  Your blue eyes and dimples tend to melt everyone's heart that you meet and I am not going to lie, it doesn't get old when people tell me how cute you are, because I just have to agree (I may be a little biased).  I can't wait to see you in your role as a Big Sister.  I know some people worry about "middle child syndrome" but I feel very confident you will always know your place and make your presence known.  Oh how your Dad, Ashton and I love you and the rest of the family.  Happy Birthday precious girl!

For this special Birthday you got your first American Girl Doll Bitty Baby and then many accessories to go with her...

Mo and Mimi gave you the Bitty Better kit and then another baby doll, which was my first baby doll when I was a little girl, along with the baby bed that my Great Uncle had made.  I am so glad my mom held onto all of these things and that I have a daughter that now gets to enjoy them all.

Saturday morning, Mimi, Ashton and Aunt Jac all helped to make a Birthday cake and cupcakes.  Boy did you enjoy them!!!

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