Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy (Early) Birthday!

This weekend we celebrated with a Princess and Superhero themed Birthday Party at Bouncing Bears to celebrate Reese's upcoming 2nd Birthday and Ashton's 5th Birthday.  Even though we still have a few weeks until Reese's actual day and a month until Ashton's, I wanted to have their party early as their little brother will most likely be making his debute sooner rather than later according to the doctor.  So Saturday we headed out to the bounce place and let the kids have a great time.  Last year I did their party at the house, and while I loved that party, this year I decided to make it easier on everyone and have it somewhere else.  Ashton picked "the bounce place" and Reese had a great time.  Sorry for so many pictures, but didn't want to leave any out.  And thank you to my photographers who ran around snapping pictures so I could stay off my feet!

Birthday Girl and Boy

I like cupcakes

Grandpa & Molly

 School Friends, Evie and Lily

 One Happy Birthday Boy!

Best friends, Sage & Lia

 All Ashton wanted was cupcakes (even though he just ate the icing)

 My two loves...

 She LOVED the slides, no fear for Super Girl

I am pretty sure Aunt Jac had as much fun as the kids

Best Friends, Saniah & Reese (they are 12 days apart)

 A little love from his favorite Aunt

He was wringing wet with sweat when it was time to eat

This is getting intense!

There is my happy girl!

Best Friends, Ashton & Brendan

Me and Jac

 Uncle Chris and Amber, so glad they came down for the party too!

Mimi and Cash

Grandpa and Molly with Walker & Cash, getting ready for another grandbaby

Molly & Cash

Ms. Luci, Ashton adores her!

Ms. Lia, too cute!

Sage having a great time!

Sweet Avery, she is just so adorable!

It was a great party!  I can't belive next year I will be hosting one for three kids!!!!

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