Sunday, July 8, 2012

All Ashton


Wow!  Five years already, where did the time go???  What a joy it is to have this little guy as our first child.  He has taught us what parenting is all about and has given us numerous challenges but in spite of those challenges, the love and joy he brings to our lives completely outweighs them.  Ashton, you are amazing and we love you so much.  Here are a few things to remember about you at this age:

Nicknames: As-ton (this is how Reese says your name which may just be the cutest thing), Binky (a baby name that your dad and I still use occassionally)

Weight/Size: No official weight but above 50lbs at least, we go to the dr next week for your five year check up.  Wearing XS/S in the boys more toddler stuff for him

Food: What a challenge!  You really only eat a handful of things: hot dogs, mac n cheese, chicken nuggets (prefers McDonald's, does not like Chick fi la ugh!) with KETCHUP!, pancakes, ICEEs, "popsicles" (gogurts), tortilla chips, apples, cereal....I really think you would like a lot more stuff but you are not open to trying new things.  We have tried for much for me making all of your baby food hoping to expand your pallet...maybe in a few more years.  Also, you really aren't into sweets, only things you do like are sugar cookies and vanilla ice toppings and NO CHOCOLATE (are you really my kid??)

Sleeping:  No more naps, and try to get to sleep by 8:30, still wake up once at night for the most part but will go back to sleep...never have been much on sleeping

Interests:  We did Tae Kwon Do this year and you did well with it, but after six months straight I think you got burned out so we have decided to take a break.  You LOVE to be outside, swimming (really doing well with this now), and pretend play!  You LOVE Power Rangers and love to pretend that you are the blue one and someone else (Mo, Dad, Grandpa, Brendan, etc) is the red one.  The IPAD/IPHONE is your go to at night when settling down.  You love to play games and watch shows on them and can operate it better than me!

Overall you are just a super cool kid.  I think my favorite part of you is your gentle spirit.  As a baby you never were a cuddler, but you are supersensitive to little kids and their well being which makes you an amazing big brother to Reese and now to Eli.  When Eli cries you are very concerned and when Reese is upset many times she will calm down when you talk to her.  Even with other people's kids you tend to gravitate towards the younger ones and serve as a protector.  Someday you will make an amazing husband because of this quality.  Ashton, you are one of the loves of my life and I am so proud to call you my son.  We love you and Happy 5th Birthday!!!

Overload of pictures this past year...

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