Monday, July 30, 2012

The Big Sister

People keep asking me how life is with three kids.  And to be honest, it is pretty chaotic, but it was that way with two there is just one more sweet little man to love on who sometimes makes his presence known but for now tends to sit back and observe.  One of my concerns before Eli was born was how would Reese be with having a little brother, since she had been the baby for two years.  Well, she has embraced her role of not only being a little sister to Ashton but now a big sister to "EI" as she calls him.  Her love for him is apparent and her concern is heartwarming.  She often asks to hold her brother and will let me know if he is crying.  If she is crying I usually just have to bring Eli over to her and his presence soothes her.  Here are a few pictures of our little man and then of him with his big sister.  I need to do a separate photo shoot of my boys together....I love that relationship that is already developing.

Check out my muscles!

Why does that thing keep flashing in my face???

She just loves him!

Eli isn't so sure about this...Reese loves the camera!

A slight smirk

Already talking to him and he to her, making her laugh

Holding hands

Still holding onto him

hi People!

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