Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

It never fails, we prepare for over a month for Christmas Day and try our hardest to remember the real reason for the season and then in a blink, it is over.  Right now I really should be cleaning up the tornado that blew through my house yesterday, but instead, I am blogging.  This Christmas good probably not have been more perfect than it was.  We have three happy, HEALTHY children whose faces lit up yesterday morning as they came out of their rooms.  (okay, Eli really didn't know what was going on, but he was pretty darn happy still to say the least and just went with it) 

To back up a little, Casey had to work on Christmas Eve in the morning so the kids and I decorated Christmas cookies for Santa...we started with 8 and by bedtime there were only 2 left for Santa.  Then we spread some Reindeer Food in the front yard so the Reindeer could find our house and they could refuel.  Then we went to the children's mass where we met my parents.  The kids were awesome in church which is always a blessing in itself.  Then we headed home and my parents came to spend the night so they could be here when the kids woke up and spend Christmas morning with us.  Well Eli decided 3:45 was a good time to wake up, thankfully the other kiddos slept until 5:45-6ish.  And then the unwrapping began.  Ashton had asked Santa for Power Rangers Samuari Sword and at the last minute a skateboard, and Reese asked for presents...thankfully Santa came through for both.  We openned gifts, ate breakfast then everyone got ready for round two and Mo and Mimi's.  We had a great time with Jac, Mark, Cash, Walker, Bill, Diane, Mo, Mimi and all of us, celebrating Christmas day.  Ashton and Reese were knee deep in presents and when I asked Ashton if there was anything he didn't get, he said No.  So I think that means it was a successful day.

The Christmas celebration did not end there though.  Casey and I had been saving the best present for Ashton for last.  For over a year Ashton has been talking about getting on the airplane to go to Molly and Grandpa's house and we finally figured out a way to make that happen.  So for over a month Casey, Grandpa and I planned this trip.  Around 4 pm yesterday Ashton told me that Daddy had said I had a present for him.  So right then we told him that he was going on an airplane to Molly and Grandpa's house.  The smile on his face brought more joy than anything I have ever seen, which was good considering I couldn't stop crying.  So a couple hours later Casey and Ashton boarded a plane and flew to Midland.  Meanwhile, Casey's dad asked his mom if she wanted to go with him to pick up a friend of theirs from the airport that needed a ride.  Kathy went with Hal not knowing who she was really picking up.  The text I got from Casey "Well that was a big hit." explains it all.  When I tried to talk to Kathy a few minutes later she was speechless.  While it was hard to go to bed on Christmas night without my husband and oldest baby, I am so thankful that Ashton got to brighten his Grandpa and Molly's Christmas.  In a few days they will be heading here to do Christmas with us and will bring Ashton home, but until then, Ashton gets to hang out in Midland with two of his favorite people.

All in all it was a wonderful Christmas and I wouldn't change a thing.

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