Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy Half Birthday and Happy New Year

Six months, a half year?  Wow!  Oh Eli, all you bring is joy, well maybe a little sleeplessness too, but that is quickly forgotten when anyone just looks at you and you show that melt your heart smile. 

Nicknames: Eli, Peanut (still daddy's favorite) and Booga Bear(mommy's name)---nothing has changed here oh but Mommy sometimes calls you Lil' Man

Likes: Mommy, Daddy, Ashton, Reese, bathtime, being outside, your activity mat as long as your favorite octopus is hanging down and you are trying to swat at it, exersaucer and banging on the buttons, looking in the mirror, having people blow on your belly, tickled under your neck (that is your sweet spot), frog carseat toy...and you have figured out how to hit the buttons and make him light up

Dislikes: Medicine!  Oh and we have had to deal with this a lot lately as you have had a rough month with illness, being left alone (crave attention), food (work in progress)

Milestones: Rolled over from your back to your stomach and then grabbed on to something to scoot yourself to where you wanted to go....you are a smart little cookie!, started eating solids, sitting better with support

Feeding:  Still taking roughly 4-5 bottles a day but now have rice cereal or oatmeal in the morning...you love oatmeal, rice not so much.  We have tried bananas, apples, and sweet potatoes and so far none of them seem to have you reaching for the spoon like the oatmeal does.  We are working on this though and hoping things change....I really hope you aren't as picky as Ashton.  I am still nursing and have no plans to give it up yet as long as you are willing, I will be too.

Sleeping:  Oh this is a sore subject.  As mentioned before, this has been a rough month with illness.  Pretty much since Thanksgiving we have had something going on.  This last week we have been fighting RSV so between horrible coughing and middle of the night breathing treatments we are not very successful in the sleeping category.  We just need to get better and then we can get some good nights in.  You are still taking 3-4 "cat naps" during the day...anywhere from 30 min to an hr each.

Clothes/Diapers:  Size 2 diapers but you have really started filling those out.  You are in 3-6 month clothing.  You are over 15 lbs and have really put those two pounds on in the last two weeks I swear.  I love that belly you have and I have been known to kiss it a few times between diaper changes and bath time

Firsts:  First time with cereal, and LOVED it!  First Christmas was wonderful, and First New Years Eve...we saw midnight with a breathing treatment, and today is your First New Years Day, First time to roll from stomach to back

Looking Forward To...trying some new foods, getting a better nights sleep, getting our other exersaucer that can let you "walk" in it, snuggling up on our winter nights (that is somewhat of a joke living in Houston)

Eli the only thing I can say is your Daddy, brother, sister and I love you more and more each day if it is even possible.  You are a little ray of sunshine everyday and I adore you.  Happy Half Birthday Buddy!!!!

Lookin' pretty cute even though he has RSV 

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