Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Part II

Since we have family that lives out of town we get to have Christmas not just once but twice and even sometimes three times!  Nan and Nannie Marge came in the day after Christmas and helped keep Eli and Reese who were both under the weather on that Thursday and Friday.  Eli had a rough two days since he wasn't feeling the best but thankfully he had his Mo, Mimi, and great aunts there to cuddle him.  Reese managed to keep everyone entertained for about 36 hours.  She was her typical self by getting into Nannie Marge's lotion and then the Vick's vapor rub.  You can not let her go for a minute or you will be sorry.  She is definetely a curious one!  Ashton was still in Midland enjoy some quality time with Molly and Grandpa.  Then on Saturday Nannie Marge and Nan headed home, Mo and Mimi headed to the lake to meet Jac, Mark and the boys, and then Molly, Grandpa and Ashton arrived home.  Oh how I missed that boy!  I just wanted to hug and kiss him as soon as he walked in....he on the other hand was ready to have Christmas with Molly and Grandpa.  Thankfully he agreed (not very willingly) to let us have dinner and then we did Christmas again. 

The kids, and Casey and I all love when Molly and Grandpa come to visit.  They graciously kept all the kids on Monday while Casey and I worked and then headed home today.  We are always sad to see them go, and get questioned relentlessly from Ashton on when Molly is coming back.  So hopefully they won't stay away for too long!  Here are a few pictures of the weekend.

Presents gallore!

I think the BIG wheel may be bigger than her

 Under the weather but cute as a button!
 We tried to get a happy family picture....Ashton didn't get the memo to smile

See he was happy to be there!

Our Princess all dressed up and ready to entertain

Eli spent a lot of time snuggled up in Grandpa's arms

This is the face I now get when I ask her to say Cheese for the camera (oh and please notice the bended knee as she "poses")

Where did my baby/toddler go...this picture makes her look SO grown up to me :(

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