Saturday, March 2, 2013

Eight Months

EIGHT!  Wow!  This is are growing so fast, yet still are so much of a baby to me which I love.  Time to breakdown this month....

Nicknames: Eli (of course), Mr. Eli as said by your brother and sister (so formal!), peanut, booga bear, Lil' Man

Likes: Grabbing Mommy's hair (ouch!), grabbing the blinds when I am trying to change your diaper, making raspberries a.k.a spitting, rolling...still prefer your back, your big are a bit leary of your big sister (rightfully so, j/k), eating solids, bath time

Dislikes: Split Pea Soup!  I have the funniest video where you are making gagging faces and even shiver after one bite, it is hysterical; being left alone, your crib (UGH!)

Milestones: You are sitting up for more than 5 seconds, but really still have not mastered this...I guess I think you are the Turtoise in the Tortoise and the Hare where slow and steady wins the race and just need to remember that you will get there in your own time.

Feeding:  We have dropped another bottle!  You nurse in the mornings, eat cereal for breakfast, take a bottle, eat fruit/veggie for lunch, take a bottle, have one more bottle during the day, eat fruit/veggie and yogurt for dinner, nurse and off to bed.  You like your food and your big ole' belly shows it!

Sleeping: You tend to pass out between 6:30-7 each night until around 11, up for 15 minutes or so and back down until 3ish, up for 15 back down and get up usually around 5....a work in progress but better than nothing

Clothes/Diapers: 6 months, some 9 months...diapers size 3.  You have a belly that is for sure and while some 3-6 month stuff still fits, it is snug on that bowl full of jelly you have there

Firsts: Split Pea Soup (FAIL), sitting up on your own, managing to tip the bumbo...that was scary but not bruises to show, thankfully; learning to shake his head No, No, No excessively...its hysterical

Looking Forward to: Sitting up LONGER, working on pushing up...hopefully thinking of crawling, sleep...or maybe that is just Mom/Dad, trying some new foods....maybe finger foods??

Eli, you are such a sweet lil guy who just melts my heart with your toothy grin.  You give the best kisses (open mouth for mommy) and you are a snuggle bug.  I love these days with you (and nights to) and am so thankfully God picked me to be your Mommy!

Eli was NOT in the mood for a photo shoot today...and as we like to call it, he was having a "Mo" hair day (takes after my dad!)

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