Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mo and Mimi time!

Last weekend Casey went to Midland to be with Molly, Grandpa, and Mema as Mema underwent bypass surgery.  Thankfully Mema made it through the surgery and is working on recovering as we speak.  We are hopeful that God will help her body mend quickly and that she will be back to feeling good soon!  While Daddy was away, Mo and Mimi stepped in to help Mommy for the entire weekend.  A HUGE thank you to them!!!  The kids LOVED every minute with Mo and Mimi and while Mo and Mimi I think left Sunday a bit more exhausted than they normally feel after having a weekend, the kids just wanted them to come back for some more fun!  As always, I try to get pictures of everyone looking...never happens...but its the effort right??

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