Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Ashton!

It is so hard to believe my little boy is 3 today! Ashton, you have been the best part of our lives for the last three years and your daddy and I are constantly entertained by you. You are such a little helper to everyone. You help daddy mow the lawn each weekend, you always want to help mommy make "tookies" (you have a little trouble with the letter C) and now you are always there to help with your little sister. You keep us in stitches with your new word choices and we keep asking where you learn some of the things you say. It is hard to believe that I was worried about your speech development, but just like everything else you do, you did it at your own pace and you are right on track. Ashton we adore you and can't wait to watch you grow even more. I am in awe that three years have really already passed us by, but I can say with certainty they have been the best three years of our lives. We love you and Happy Birthday!

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