Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lake Trip

This weekend we had two firsts...Reese had her first weekend at the lake just two and a half weeks old. My parents drove Ashton up in their car and Casey and I took Reese and our dog. She was a perfect angel going and coming home. Only once in the two and a half hour drive did she even let out a peep and it was just because she was hungry. I guess Reese had two first because she also had a bottle for the first time as well and took it like a champ. That is the one draw back to nursing, I can't just mix a bottle but instead had to do a little pre-planning and had some pumped milk all ready. We met Casey's parents at the lake and it was Grandpa's first time to meet Reese. I think to say he was little smitten was an understatement. It was a great weekend with both kiddos and both sets of grandparents....until Saturday night. Around 8:30 Ashton started crying saying "My ear hurts! My ear hurts!" and was completely inconsolable. I hadn't heard this kind of cry before, nor has he ever said that. So Casey and both my mom and Casey's mom loaded Ashton up to bring him to the ER in Groesbeck. It killed me to send him off but I couldn't leave Reese either. Casey said the doctor was very nice and poor Ashton has a double ear infection. So after a dosage of antibiotics they were sent on their way home. We had planned on staying at the lake a bit longer today but had to cut it short to get home to get Ashton's perscription filled. He seems to be feeling a little better already. Despite the ER visit we had a fantastic weekend full of good times with our wonderful family!

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