Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lake for Labor Day

We spent the holiday weekend at the lake and for the first time all five cousins were there together.  With six adults, five kids, one dog, one motorized car, two walkers, three nap nannies, one play mat, one pack n play and oodles and oodles of diapers and wipes we were prepared.  We had a great weekend and on Saturday we actually managed to have four out of the five kids asleep for a nap AT THE SAME TIME!!!!  That alone was a huge accomplishment.  Looking forward to a lot more of these trips in the future. A lot of pictures....
Mother Reese....this is just the beginning of her role as the care taker for all of these boys in her life

She walked behind each baby and kissed their heads, so sweet!

Showing those kissable lips!

Forget the motorized car, daddy is a better toy!

Sweet Mr. Walker, poor guy is cutting his first tooth and wasn't feeling up to par this weekend but nothing can stop him from being as cute as can be
Baby Kent stopped by for a visit

Cash!  Such a comedian and sweetheart at the same time
My big boy with quite the tan

Family Picture!


How cute is he???

I just LOVE this picture.  Cash, embrace those rolls!

Sunday afternoon....

Eli, just so sweet and laid back!

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Keri DesAutels said...

Love all the pictures!! Isn't it so cool to have all the cousins together!!