Saturday, September 1, 2012

Two Months!

Another month down and life can't be better!  I have loved every minute of being your Mommy in the these last two months and you are such an amazing little person that I am loving getting to know better and better each day we spend together.  Here is your two month breakdown....
Nicknames: Eli, Peanut (from Daddy), Little Man, Booga Bear, E.I. (from Reese...this I don't see changing anytime soon)
Likes: Mommy, Daddy, Ashton, Reese (you really smile at your siblings), Mo, Mimi, Molly, Grandpa, Uncle Chris, Aunt Amber, Nan, Nannie Marge....haven't met anyone you don't like yet...this stage is great when it comes to people as you don't have that stranger danger complex yet.  You also like your activity mat, being outside, laying on your changing table, looking at fans, looking out any window, being held, and your nap nanny, baby bjorn (not for too long), bath time
Dislikes: carseat for extended time periods (soothing you in the car isn't really an option at the moment), being in a room prefer to have people around, having your hands confined...we are swaddling you at night even though you prefer to have your hands available but you sleep better swaddled and we like that, dr. brown bottles (refused these twice...need to break this as mommy is about to go back to work), know nothing comes out and make the funniest face when I try to give you one
Milestones: You are sleeping in your bed!  This is momentous in this household as anyone who knows us knows that sleep is a cherished gift that our other children have never been fond of.  Third times a charm right???  I moved you in your crib at 6 weeks and did one night, then you got a snotty nose so back in my room you came, but we tried again at 7 weeks and haven't looked back!
Feeding:  You are still exclusively breastfed but not sure how much longer we will just be on breastmilk as I am about to return to work.  You have had a few bottles here and there of breastmilk and have taken them well, just need to work on the amount you drink.  You probably eat roughly 8-9 times a day and on average take about 2-3 oz at each feeding.  At night you tend to cluster feed but I don't mind as long as you sleep more.  You are a major burper though and need to do this often or whatever clothes I and you are wearing we won't be for long as you will spit up everything on us soon after.
Sleeping:  We have made great strides in this last month...a typical day starts around 6-7am when you wake up and eat, up for about two hours and play then depending on the night will take a 45 min to hour nap if you slept a lot the night before or a two to three hour nap if you slept less the night before.  Then get up and eat and play and take another nap, usually a short one if you took the longer one earlier or vice versa.  At night you tend to go down between 8-8:30 and will sleep anywhere from 5 to seven hours from then.  Usually go back down and will get up about two hours later for a quick snack, then back down and then our day will begin.  And as I mentioned before you are sleeping in your bed for the first stretch of sleep at least which means anywhere between 1:30-3:30 roughly.  I haven't been able to get you to go back in your room after that but that is our next steps right???
Behavior:  Such a pleasant and easy going child so far.  You just go with the flow (you don't have much of a choice) but you are a super good baby.  The only time that you get fussy is when you are hungry really and occassionally when you are just wanting a change of scenery, oh and when you poop (you don't like staying a mess but I can't blame you for that)
Clothes/Diapers: We have finished up newborn diapers and if I find one here and there it still will fit but you are really in size 1 and they fit great.  Still can wear some newborn clothes and haven't had to pack anything away yet but can also wear 3 month stuff which has expanded your wardrobe.  We go this week for your official stats but I am guessing over 9 lbs
"Firsts": You got to meet your Nannie Marge, Nan, Unlce Chris and Aunt Amber this month.  You were baptized!  You got big enough for the baby bjorn which means you get to work out with Mommy some :)  You started "talking" and will giggle occassionally
Looking forward to: You recognizing people more, cooing/talking, holding your head up on your own, and sleeping a bit more (wishful thinking maybe) (Not looking forward to going back to work and not having my whole day with you) but looking forward to you spending more time with your siblings
Eli you are the missing piece to our family and you are the perfect fit.  You brighten my day even if it is during the wee hours as I know "this too shall pass" and it will, all too quickly.  We love you little man and look forward to what's to come!
Warming up for the camera
Baby steps right...
Starting to smirk
There is a smile in there...


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