Sunday, September 12, 2010

10 Years, 60 Years and 11 weeks

Random title I know, but this past week there were three big events, and of course I did not have my camera there (I know I am horrible). The first one to mention is 10 years....since I graduated high school! Man the time goes by fast. On Friday night Casey and I went to my reunion which was held at an Astros game (by the way, great idea Keri!). We had a great time getting to see some old friends and catch up. That same day there was another celebration of 60 years....that would be my Dad's Birthday! Since my parents were sweet enough to watch the kids on Friday, Dad's actual birthday, we celebrated Saturday night instead. But not to worry, Jacqueline and Mark were busy making this Birthday one my dad won't forget by decorating the front yard of their house with over 60 homemade signs and Christmas lights. The signs were hysterical, and even a few neighbors came out to admire their hard work. My mom and dad got a good kick out of it when they got home late Friday night to see the nice decorations. I hope Dad had a great Birthday because we all love him dearly! He is one of the best men in my life and the one I admire the most. I love you dad/Mo! The last big event of 11 weeks would be how old Reese turned on Wednesday which also happened to mark the day I returned to work....let the waterworks begin! Obviously I survived my separation but needless to say I cried a lot on Tuesday when I went to drop off supplies to our babysitter and she had to console me for about 30 minutes while I was trying to go over Reese's schedule. Thankfully Ashton was right there saying "It's okay Mommy, it's okay" as he patted my back. By the time 4 PM hit on Wednesday afternoon I was beyond excited to leave work and go get both my babies. They both had an excellent day and I know each day will get better and I just have to remind myself how fortunate we are to have such a great babysitter who loves my kids as if they were her own. So even though I didn't have my camera with me, I will still leave you with a few new pictures.

This one is from her first day with the baby sitter, at least she had a little grin!

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