Friday, September 24, 2010

One, Two, Three Months Old

Why is it that as kids we can't wait to grow up and then we do and the reverse happens, we want time to stand still....especially when you have kids. I remember when Ashton was born I would constantly think, oh I love this age, just stay this size; and of course he would grow and time would pass and I would have the same thought again and again. Well nothing changes once their is a second baby except for me thinking that I need to cherish this time even more because God only knows if this second baby will be my last or not. With all of that being said all I can say is these last three months have been pure bliss!
Here are the latest updates/milestones:
-Reese, you smile ALL the really are starting to recognize people when you see them and your face just lights up and you break out with a HUGE grin and those adorable dimples that I love form on your cute face. You do smile at strangers too but I can tell you recognize your brother, daddy and mommy and grandparents/aunts/uncles too! official weigh in but I can tell you have probably put a few pounds on since you are really filling out your 0-3 month outfits and can probably fit in a few 3-6 ones are still in size 1 diapers
-Babysitter! Sadly Mommy went back to work on Sept 8 which means you started going to Ms. Aracelis' house with Ashton. This transition apparently has been much harder on me than on you because you have gotten nothing but rave reviews everyday
-Schedule: Since you have started going to the babysitter we really have a good schedule in place

wake up around 4 am to nurse with mommy, stays awake until car ride to sitters at 6 am, short nap, bottle at 7, morning nap, bottle at 9:30-10, plays (looks around at mobile, brother talks to her, tummy time), bottle 12, afternoon nap,bottle 3, mommy picks up at 4:30, nurses at 5:30, bath,nurse at 7:30,Bedtime 8....good nights you will go until 4 but you have been waking up around 1 or 2 a few nights lately

This has been working really well for the past three weeks and has made the transition easier.

-New Moves: Besides becoming a pro at blowing spit bubbles, you are enjoying sitting up on the couch, on the bed and in your bumbo seat. You have gotten so much stronger and don't "bobble" nearly as much
People always ask me how Ashton and Reese are and I can really say I have never been happier. I am so thankful that God has entrusted these two special souls to Casey and I. Ashton provides constant comic relief and really has a heart of gold and Reese is a ray of sunshine. I say this all the time, but Reese really is such a happy baby. As Ms. Aracelis told me, "she only cries when she is hungry or wants her diaper changed. She smiles all the time." As I said before I would love to stop time and keep both of them this size/age forever, but since I know that can't happen I will just keep enjoying each moment as they come!

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parsonsfamily said...

Natalie, she is PRECIOUS! Those eyes are going to make some trouble for her daddy.