Saturday, September 18, 2010

All About Ashton

"Can you believe he said that?" "Can you believe he did that?" "Where did he learn that from?" These are just a few questions Casey and I find ourselves asking each other almost daily now with Ashton. It seems like our little boy has just blossomed and gone from a child who barely spoke to someone who can't stop talking (not sure where he got that from :). People constantly tell me to write things down so I don't forget this special time in our lives and so here is a list of a few "Ashton Moments" I will always want to remember about this time in his life:

1. On a trip to New Orleans this summer we introduced Ashton to beignets which he really seemed to enjoy. After he had eaten his plate clean he asked "Can I have some more band-aids?" Too cute!

2. Hide and Seek....This game is a new favorite in our house but Ashton's version is a bit different. When you tell him to hide he will hide but as we start counting "1, 2, 3..." you can hear him counting with you (giving away his hiding spot)...when he does hide as soon as he hears "ready or not" he runs out and screams "I here! I here!" If he decides he wants to find you he will also instruct you as to where you should hide.

3. Wrestling with Daddy...He LOVES to crawl on Casey and play, and Casey constantly will say jokingly "Get off me man!" Now as soon as Ashton crawls on Casey he will yell "Get off me man!"

4. Monkey See, Monkey Do...Ashton loves his sister and loves to hug and kiss her and talk to her. When I talk to Reese many times I will say "Hey girlfriend!" of "Hey pretty girl!" Lately this is how Ashton will greet Reese by saying both of these things.

5. Potty Training...Now this has been quite an experience. While we still struggle at times, Ashton has done pretty well with this, at least with going #1. Earlier this week I came home from work after picking up the kids and was trying to get everyone/everything out of the car and into the house. Ashton was still on the driveway fascinated with the people across the street. Our neighbors are trying to sell their house and they were having a showing. I was standing inside attending to Reese and still talking to Ashton. When I asked him what he was doing he didn't answer. I walked outside to see him standing there with his pants pulled down peeing on our driveway. I immediately said "Ashton you are supposed to pee in the toilet!" His response "I don't wanna pee in toilet. I wanna pee here!" Needless to say I don't think we will be getting new neighbors anytime soon as this was all done in front of them. I told Casey about this and he seemed proud to say "he is just a little redneck and at least he didn't go in his pants!" I guess their is a silver lining to everything.

Ashton has brought us nothing but joy over the last three plus years! He keeps us on our toes, makes us smile and laugh, and reminds of what is really important in life---love and family! We love you Ashton and can't wait for many more memories to come!

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