Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Midland 2011...Generations of Love!

This past weekend we took our first trip of 2011 to Midland. This was our first trip there since Reese has been born and was a special one since she got to meet her two great grandmothers, Mema (who lives in Midland) and G.G., who drove up from San Angelo for the day. Both kids did great on the airplane...thank you Dora & Diego and the IPad for Ashton! We had such a great time and just hung out at the house all day Saturday and Sunday and enjoyed the great weather. Saturday we got to spend the day with both great grandma's and then Sunday, Mema came back over and Casey's brother, Chris and his girlfriend Amber, joined us as well. Ashton absolutely LOVES Midland and getting to run free all over the place. For him it is like his own personal petting zoo...he got to feed the fish, see the goats, talk to Iggy (an iguana), have four dogs to give him kisses and give Fred, a rather large cat, a few hugs...oh and he loved waking up and walking over to the bird cage and saying "Hey Bird!" Ashton also got to "climb" his first tree, thankfully my back was turned away for most of it and I let dad and Grandpa handle that...made me way too nervous, but he loved it. We all are looking forward to many more trips there. I am pretty sure everytime Casey and I get through with spending a weekend with his parents we both say at least once how we just wish they lived closer...I just love watching our kids with all of the grandparents, because I really don't know who has a better time...the kids, or the grandparents????

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