Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Firsts

This week had two new "firsts" in our house. Reese official got her "first" real cold which was horrible. Runny nose, low grade fever, and horrible cough. She sounded so hoarse and pathetic. It just broke my heart. So I spent the evening of my 29th Birthday in the pediatricians office with both kiddos to make sure everyone was going to be okay. After an antibiotic for Ashton (ear infection) and both kids getting tested for oxygen levels and RSV we were sent home with the "it's a cold and she will have to wait it out." On the drive home I told Ashton we had to go get his medicine. When we got back to the house Casey asked him what he wanted for dinner, in a crying/whiny voice he said "I don't want dinner I need my medicine!" So I obliged and gave him his medicine...not 5 seconds after drinking it down he said "Oh, I feel much better now!" He is a little comedian! So after dealing with the first real cold for Reese, on Friday morning I discovered her first TOOTH! I am guessing this may have been part of the runny nose/fever and restless nights. She won't let me get a good picture but it is coming in, bottom left. Just one so far. I remember Ashton got both bottom teeth at 5 1/2 months old. After talking to Nan, she asked me who found the tooth and I told her I did. She then told me my Maw-Maw used to say, whoever finds the first tooth has to buy them an I did just that....times 6! No worries, Ashton got a few new shirts too. Anyways, I leave you with just a couple new pictures of my two angels. By the way, I really do try to take more pictures of Ashton but he is in the phase where he says "cheese" when he sees the camera but then procedes to turn his head away as he is saying "cheese!" Someday maybe I will be able to keep his attention for more than ten seconds!

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