Sunday, January 23, 2011

Seven Months

Seven Months! It never gets old, time just doesn't stand still no matter how much you want it to. Oh Reese, you are a joy and the sweetest little girl! Your Mommy, Daddy and Brother love you oh so much. Here are a few things to remember:

Sleeping: Still the queen of the catnaps and prefers to sleep for 15-30 min intervals, even though you surprised me twice this week and took a two hour nap...what gives???? Still go to be around 7:30 but like to get up around 1 am (I could do without this) but I have to admit I do love snuggling with you

Eating: Girl, you like your food! You are eating sweet potatoes, bananas, squash, peas, peaches, pears, apples, zucchini and a few Gerber puffs. You still are nursing really well and I don't see a reason to stop anytime plan is to keep going until you are a year. You take about 4 bottles a day and have stuck with 4 oz at each feedin, occassionally you will take a little more but now that you are eating solids 3 times a day, you really don't seem to need anymore.

On the move: You roll everwhere and are working on your yoga moves. Your "plank" is perfect and you look like you could do push ups so easily (I remember Ashton doing this at the exact same age but he didn't crawl until around 8.5 months) so we shall see when you take off. You do manage to get to another place if you want to by rolling a turning yourself around.

Play: You still love your exersaucers and we can now add your Jumper to the list. I put you in it each morning in my bedroom/bathroom while I get ready for work and you just jump until your heart is content (you did it this morning and then fell asleep in was too cute) You are sitting up so well on your own now and can be surrounded by toys on the ground and you just play and play. You love it when Ashton "chases" you in your walkable exersaucer...he will sneak up on you and you just giggle and smile more and more.

Reese, as I said before you are loved so much. The love between you and your brother is amazing. He is so protective of you and adores you. He loves to sing songs to you and hold your hand and will ask to see you when you are sleeping. People ask me all the time if there is jealousy there, but we have never experienced it thus far, if anything, I think their bond just gets stronger and stronger each day. The only thing we have to watch is how much he does love you...sometimes his hugs are a bit strong, oh and there was the one day when he accidentally bit your toe, but meant no harm. Reese, Happy Seven Month Birthday! We love you!

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parsonsfamily said...

I mean it really doesn't get any cuter. She is soooo precious.