Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bye Bye Tonsils

So here is a little recap of the posted before Ashton turned 4 last Friday and Casey and I gave him a bike. He LOVES it and has been playing outside with that, new soccer goal, tennis racket and has been a fish in the swimming forward. Today, he had his tonsils and adenoids removed. Since Ashton was born he has constantly snored, been congested, been a mouth breather and has a few other issues. After consulting with various doctors we decided this was the best course of action for Ashton. So this morning, Casey and I took Ashton to see Dr. Albright with Texas Children's Hospital at 5:45 this morning. The procedure took about a half an hour and despite the groggy/grouchiness he had when he woke up (the doctor told us that would happen, but I don't think I really was prepared for that), he did great. It took about thirty minutes of trying to calm him and soothe him. It is so hard to try and explain to a child (who is still under some anesthesia) why they can't take an IV out even though it hurts. Luckily we were released soon after and were back home by 9:30. The doctor told us, contrary to belief, to let Ashton dictate his diet for the next week or so. His words "if he wants popsicles, give him popsicles. If he wants chips, give him chips. He will decide what works best for him and if doesnt seem bothered by foods, then let him enjoy them." I was thinking jell-o, pudding, milkshakes, popsicles, etc. would be what Ashton wants. So on the way home we got him a shake, which he didn't touch. He asked for a popsicle when we got home and then it started. Since he had not eaten since 6 PM the night before he was hungry....and what did he want? Cheetos! He sat there and ate a cup full and when I asked if his throat hurt, he said "Nope." He is now fast asleep on the couch. All I can say is thank you God for a good surgery and I just continue to pray for a speedy recovery, but if this is any indication....we are well on our way.

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Tracy said...

Oh, poor guy. I hope he is well soon.