Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Ashton

Happy Birthday sweet boy! It is hard for me to believe you are 4 years old! You are quite the little man to say the least. You have a large personality and provide quite a bit of comic relief to all of the people who love you. I remember the days when you were so small and needed Daddy and Mommy to help you do everything, now you are Mr. Independent. You are a man's man to say the least. If you had a choice, the sun would never go "to sleep" and you would stay outside, most likely in the swimming pool, all day long. You love getting dirty and hate taking baths, go figure. But there are a few things you enjoy doing with Mommy...baking cookies! You are the perfect assistance who likes to have his own dough, roll it out, and then if it is not quite perfect, does what any perfectionist will do, eat the mistake! Speaking of eating, your palate is rather limited. If we let you survive on "popsicles" (Gogurts) you would be a happy kid. It is like pulling teeth to get you to try anything new. You tend to be a bit hard headed for stuff like this. I like to call you the negotiator because when I ask you to do something , you tend to respond with "How's about...." and then you fill in the blanks with an answer that works best for you. It is something that cracks me up but makes it hard to reason with you with a smile on my face. Ashton, you are the best big brother Reese could ask for. You constantly want to interact with her and she loves to follow you around. She thinks you are pretty cool. In this past year you have really blossomed. Last year you really weren't talking a whole lot, now the things that come out of your mouth make us ask "where did you hear that?" We love you so much and look forward to many more moments!

PS: We spent your 4th Birthday at Kilburn's...yes it is a tavern, but they sell Mac N Cheese (one of your food staples) and you got to take your picture with the Miller Lite Girls, many years from now you might think your Mommy is cool for picking this place and letting you do that. Then we went to Orange Leaf to get frozen yogurt and to top it off, your sweet friend Luci Ruffing was right there by your side!

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