Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mimi Donuts

This holiday weekend we spent it at the lake. It was very relaxing, and HOT to say the least. We had a blast. I think if you ask Ashton what his favorite part was, he would probably say "Making Mimi Donuts." My Mom introduced us to "Mimi Donuts" around Christmas last year and these have become something that Ashton LOVES making and eating more. I think if I said he could eat the whole pan (one batch makes 8) he would polish them off in a heartbeat. Mimi asks if I have made them with him, but I like to tell her that honor is reserved for her and Ashton, and since they made them 3 times this weekend I think he got his fill. Thankfully Ms. Reese was close by to observe and then enjoy the results. Happy 4th!

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