Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pull Over Now

Warning: This is gross, but that is part of parenting, so if you don't want to read then stop here.

Saturday my sister called and said she was going to head to the outlet malls and wanted to know if I wanted to join. I mentioned it to the hubs and he was game so we loaded up the kids and were on our way. I was driving and Casey and I were talking while the kids were laughing in the back. Next thing I know we hear Reese make a lovely grunting sound and I smiled to Casey and said, I guess I will be changing her when we get there. It wasn't a minute later when Ashton said "Eww, nasty Reesey!" Casey turned his head around and then sternly said, "Pull Over Now!" Needless to say Reese had stuck her hand in her diaper and pulled out a handleful of, well I am sure you guessed it, poop. I pulled into a church parking lot and Casey began to wipe off what we could while I changed her diaper. At this point it was evident that this wasn't a keep on going on with our day kinda thing, but instead a total detour was need. I turned around and we headed home. Thankfully we got a good laugh to say the least.

Now look at this face, kinda hard not to love it....

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Courtney Squillante said...

That is horrible and hysterical all at once!!!! :)