Sunday, August 26, 2012

Baptism and Celebration

This weekend Eli was baptized which is something I have been looking forward to since he was born.  I know different churches have different times when they have baptisms or dedications as some may call it, but with all three kids this sacrament was so important to me that I wanted this sooner than later.  So at not quite 8 weeks old, Elijah Hayes Lee, was baptized on Saturday August 25, 2012.  A cool little fact is that Ashton was baptized on August 25, five years to the day my two boys shared their first sacrament. 
Just like Ashton and Reese, Eli wore my baptismal gown that my grandmother had made for me.  I know it is a dress and Casey just said "Ok" when I told him that Eli would be wearing it but I love the fact that this is a tradition and hopefully someday maybe I will have a grandchild baptized in it as well, in like 20 years I am talking!  For both Ashton and Reese we had private baptisms but those are hard to come by now so with Eli we did it with the rest of the church and I have to say it was wonderful.  There were 23 children baptized and it was amazing.  Of course five minutes into arriving at the church Eli spit up all over my SATIN shirt down both the front and back leaving nice stains, and then proceded to poop sending me running for the bathroom and the nice Deacon saying he was waiting for a diaper change to begin.  Those were the worst things, which I consider small issues in a near perfect day.
Deacon Al with Casey, Eli and I and big Brother and big Sister Ashton and Reese and then god parents Chris and Jacqueline there for the "sprinkling" of holy water...Eli shed a few tears but nothing bad

My God Mother with her Great Godson

 Uncle Chris with Ashton...he has been a favorite visitor in our house

Ashton and Me...oh how I love him
Daddy soothing his youngest one

Molly with her grandkids, celebrating

Jac - Godmother to all my kiddos!

This was the first time Mo and Mimi were together with all FIVE of their grand kids...this first shot shows you how a photo shoot goes down with five under five
I consider this a success!

Uncle Chris and soon to be Aunt Amber...very excited to have her as my sister in law

Mo and Mimi with their girls and our kiddos

This girl keeps me laughing all the time...oh how I love her
After a very eventful day the guest of honor finally went down for a three hour sweet

Molly and Reese...just beautiful

This picture cracks me up...Reese did not want anything to do with Uncle Chris even though she had been asking for him for hours the day before...things changed again the next day

After a busy day it kept going...a Birthday party to go to at 5 that night

What a great day/weekend!  Love all the family that were there to celebrate.

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