Thursday, August 2, 2012


This week we brought the kids bowling.  All THREE kids, but not alone, thankfully Mimi was there too.  As this past month as been fantastic with welcoming Eli, as anyone knows, especially moms, that any time a new baby is in the picture it is hard to give much time to others, and that means Ashton and Reese.  Honestly, they have been so distracted with having Molly, Grandpa, Mo, Mimi and Daddy there to entertain for practically the whole month, I don't think they have noticed as much, but I have and I miss spending some time with the kids.  So, what to do that is fun and INDOORS??? Bowling!  I had never brought the kids before and Ashton and Reese were so excited.  We had a great time.  Before 4 PM the place is smoke free which is nice (yet it still has that lovely stench, but better than nothing) and on Tuesday's games are only $2.25.  Ashton loved pushing the ball down the lane while Reese was more excited about the ball coming back out of the ball dispenser thing.  The kids did pretty good with taking turns and at one point every single person that was in the bowling alley turned to look at us when Reese pushed the ball down and knocked down all the pins...while she could care less, Ashton was jumping up and down yelling "Reesy!  Did you see that?!  Reesy, you knocked them all down!  All of them!"  People were cracking up at his pure joy and excitement and the fact that it was for his sister made it even better.  We will definetly be back...that night Ashton turned to me and said, Mommy bowling is a lot of fun, I want to do it a lot more times!

Look at his hands clinched in fists anticipating knocking all the pins down

Jumping up and down

Reese amazed where the balls came from

The best picture of the two of them I could get

The balls kept getting stuck but both kids kept staring at the machine waiting for them to come out

Happy Girl

Mimi holding my little man so I could play with Ashton and Reese

He was a happy little guy

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