Wednesday, August 8, 2012


This post is all about RANDOM.  Lately a few things have happened that aren't big enough for a whole entry but I still want to remember them....

1. Ashton and I were playing Candyland and the conversation went like this:

Ashton: My turn!  I got the gum drop (he was close to the end)  I don't want to go back!

Me: Ashton, those are the rules you need to go back

Ashton: No Mommy (and procedes to draw another card)

Me: Ashton, I am not going to play if you cheat

Ashton:Mommy you worry about you and I will worry about me!  (classic...I had told him that just that about throwing it back in my face!)

2. Reese had started to show interest in potty training some time ago and had even used the bathroom successfully more than a few times.  I have bought pull ups and thought we were getting close to doing this (I honestly am not in a huge rush and just want her to be ready) however, she seems to have regressed.  And when she does say she needs to go potty she does not want to sit on the potty like a little girl, oh no!  After seeing her brother so many times she has convinced herself that she too can pee standing up and tries to straddle the toilet (after lifting the seat like her big bro).  When I tell her little girls sit down she just yells "NO!"  Any suggestions on working through this one????

3. Conversation between Ashton and Reese while sitting on the couch on a Sunday morning playing with the IPAD and looking at a book respectively:

Ashton: "Reesey, tell me that you love me" (does not look up, continues to play on the IPAD)

Reese: (Keeps looking at the book) "I love you As-ton!"

Ashton: "thank you"

And then they both just went about their was really cute to say the least

That's all for now.  Then just a few instagram pictures that I finally downloaded to the computer.

Playing with homemade SLIME

Mommy stealing kisses


Just love him...


Newborn sneak peak

This is how ALL three of my kids love to sleep as infants

Rare photo snapped by Mimi which might just be one of my absolute favorite of these two!

Mini Mohawk...all natural!

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